What Can or Will Replace the Mouse and Keyboard?

The humble mouse and keyboard have been around for as long as we can imagine. Barring a few aesthetic and mechanical changes, they have barely evolved compared to the computers they help you use.

However, while this may be due to them being near perfect and the best thing to use, technology is changing and improving. Whether you are an avid Counter-Strike player or a fan of mobile slots no deposit games, the mouse and keyboard combo could be disappearing in the future.

On-Screen Keyboard

Much like tablets, on-screen keyboards are likely to move to more laptops and PCs sooner than we think. There would be less input lag, if any, and it will save users money as you won’t need to buy a keyboard.

However, monitor or screen shape and design will need to change as using a vertical keyboard will be very uncomfortable and near impossible for gaming or extended periods.

One-Hand Keyboard

One-handed keyboards exist now, but there is a very real possibility that they will replace regular keyboards or be a popular alternative. Gaming is where these keyboards can be popular as you don’t need an entire keyboard to game, and the smaller, more accessible keyboards will be easier to use.

A one-handed keyboard will have all the buttons you need and can be mapped to add or take away additional ones.

Voice Recognition

We are all familiar with voice recognition, and we could see it make its way to our laptops and PCs. Speaking to your computer and having it perform the same tasks as you would with a mouse and keyboard looks like the next logical step for the technology.

It is difficult to say how it could be implemented into something like gaming, as constant speaking will annoy your teammates, but the technology is there to be used.


Head-tracking technology is coming on leaps and bounds, and we will certainly see it going mainstream in the coming years. Head-tracking will allow you to control your computer without even using your hands.

Once again, its applications in the mainstream are still unclear, but it can be used in everyday computing and gaming.


Combining head-tracking with eye-tracking allows you to do almost everything you need to do on your PC. We already see this technology in the communication devices used by those who are disabled, as they use head and eye movements to select options on a screen.

This tech is still quite expensive, but we will see it used commercially in the coming years, like head-tracking.

mouse and keyboardVirtual Reality

We are all familiar with virtual reality at this point, and the technology behind it is moving at a rapid pace. Entire games and worlds are being created for us to explore, and with that, new ways to control ourselves in a VR world.

There are existing setups that work as a round treadmill, which you are strapped to and can run on, making your character run in a game. VR allows us to do away with a keyboard and mouse and use any number of things to perform inputs in a VR world.

Leap Motion

Leap Motion technology will be familiar to those who know a little about motion capture. The tiny computer can track the movements of your hand and show them on screen; this means that you can do the work on a mouse and keyboard on-screen with your fingers.

The technology does need work, but being able to have your hands “in” the program or game you are using or playing is a game-changer.

Futuristic Joystick

A former designer for Razer has developed a controller with three joysticks, with users able to map over 100 different functions to each joystick. The controller is designed to be an all-in-one, multifunctional device for both consoles and PC.

The controller is quite expensive as it is still relatively new, but it can replace your mouse and keyboard and bring your controlling abilities into the future.

mouse and keyboardWhile people will find it difficult to move away from their beloved mouse and keyboard, the tech that can replace them is just around the corner and will be hitting the mainstream sooner than any of us think.

Images courtesy of Unsplash

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