Mobile Payment Solutions to Consider for Your Online Business 2022

Everybody knows that it’s important for your online business to receive payments smoothly, but how do you decide how that happens? Choosing which payment methods your business will use is essential, because certain methods can make it easier for people to pay. Simple, easy processes result in fewer uncompleted payments and more return custom.

In 2022, more consumers than ever use mobile for online shopping and other transactions, so mobile-friendly payment solutions are essential for any online business. But with so many options available to ecommerce merchants, deciding which to go with can be a challenge. Here we list some of the best options to consider in 2022.


Stripe is a payment gateway provider that allows you to embed the whole transaction process into your site. It can be customised so that your payment pages feel completely integrated with the look and feel of the website. This has been shown to enhance the customer experience and reduce cart abandonment.

The mobile user experience provided by Stripe is excellent, and it is suitable for desktop payments too. More than a hundred currencies are supported, as well as all major debit and credit cards. For online businesses trading internationally, Stripe is a great choice.

Transaction fees are reasonable, and there are no fixed monthly charges. In order to get the best from this platform, a certain level of programming skills is preferable.


For a payment solution geared specifically towards mobile customers, there is Boku. This provider started as a direct carrier billing service, where users paid for their online transactions via their mobile bill. So, for example it is possible to make a Boku casino deposit and then the amount is added to the user’s monthly mobile account and paid off at the end of the month.

Since starting, Boku have expanded their network to include real-time payments, mobile wallets and more. Aiming to position themselves as the leading mobile payments network, the service is now available in around ninety countries.

If you are running an online store based on a platform such as Prestashop or Magento, then you may want to consider This service acts as an all-in-one solution by bundling payment gateways for a much larger reach. More than 150 currencies are processed, and the fees and charges are reasonable and transparent. will not work for very low volume enterprises, as there is a minimum 10K per month volume required before an account can be opened. The service has positive online reviews from its users when compared to similar providers. From the mobile perspective, it’s clear that has prioritised the mobile user experience.


For small business owners who operate exclusively online, Nochex could be the right fit. This is a UK-based payments gateway that is big enough to provide a good service but still small enough to give your company the personal touch. Every client has a dedicated account manager, so the customer support is far superior to most providers.

Your own customers, whether using mobile or PC, do not need to make a personal account to pay via Nochex. The company has positioned itself as an affordable solution for small enterprises, and particularly welcomes entrepreneurs and self-starters. There is a small setup fee, after which no monthly payments. Nochex does not provide any hardware for card-present payments, but if you do need to receive payments in person there is an app that allows merchants to accept contactless transactions.

Trust Payments

If your customers use a native app to access your business online, then Trust Payments could be perfect. Its payment gateway can be plugged into any merchant app and customised to the brand. Even if an app is not part of your business, the payment solution on offer is definitely worth considering.

Suitable for high-volume enterprises, this company has an excellent security record and works with a large number of high-profile businesses, organisations and service providers. With millions of end users worldwide, it’s one of the longer-established payment solutions on the market. Despite its size, Trust Payments still manages to provide attentive customer support, and has offices in the UK and Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Malta, Spain, and the USA.


The payment solution landscape in 2022 is still looking somewhat fragmented and complicated. No longer is it feasible to provide a single merchant gateway such as PayPal, especially as mobile users account for such a high volume of online transactions.

Different companies offer varying degrees of service, from a simple payment gateway that facilitates transactions between your customers and your merchant account, to completely integrated platforms providing everything that you need to set up an online business. Most companies like to work with a facilitating payment provider that can help process mobile payments from any user and via multiple payment methods.

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