Mistakes that prevent you from selling on Instagram

When you go to Instagram, do not forget to ask yourself what you are here for and what is the purpose of your interaction with the audience. Especially if you sometimes buy real Instagram followers to promote and spend money on it. Then you will not just write posts for the sake of coverage, but work with content to solve specific problems. In this article, we will tell you what mistakes should not be made if your goal is business promotion and sales.

Mistake №1. Don’t care about a potential customer

Imagine that the client has not bought anything from you yet, but he has developed an interest in the product and asks direct questions about how much the product costs, what are its advantages.

You can answer questions, orient the client and bring him closer to the purchase. Instead, you answer: “Look for information on the Internet, everything is in the posts” or “Follow the link in the header of your account, everything is written there.”

Remember why you are trying to promote your account and periodically buy Instagram followers. Are all your efforts and investments aimed at making you simply ignore your audience?

Don’t send the client anywhere. Copy and direct the link to him, ask clarifying questions.

Make it comfortable for the client. He may not buy your product right away, but he is already interested. And if you transfer it to other communication channels, for example, messenger, e-mail, then this contact will go to your database. You will be able to work with him further, increase interest in the product and lead the client to the purchase. If you continue to chat in direct, there is a chance that you will not find this contact later.

Mistake №2. Wrong to evaluate statistics

There can be two extremes here.

  1. You do not enter the statistics section because you do not understand what you need to look at and analyze. Without analyzing statistics, you will not understand how your content works and whether it is interesting to the audience.
  2. You see numbers in statistics as an end in itself. Many SMM managers and entrepreneurs mistakenly consider the number of coverage, likes and reposts to be the main result of their work.

These are all indicators of the effectiveness of your marketing communication. Posts are created not in order to make good statistics, but in order to get sales, downloads, visits, and transition to the route (any targeted action). Statistics show whether you succeeded or not.

But if according to statistics everything is fine, and you are guided only by it, and the main task, that is, sales, is not solved, then statistics are useless.

Mistake №3. Do not capture statistics data

When receiving statistics data, you must record them and see the retrospective in order to plan further actions.

Let’s say you have a task to sell a product. There are ten different products in your product line. You analyze the data: what day was the best result for target action for a specific product. Next, see which chain of selling content was launched, which post, and which route you brought customers to. Then you take it and just repeat these actions.

Mistake №4. Work without a content plan

The social network must solve business problems. If a business’s task is to sell a specific volume of goods, the content must sell. The content plan should have posts that solve this problem. Study which posts lead to the most applications, how many such posts you can launch per month, what other content brought you applications.

Your task is to draw up a content plan that will allow you to reach the required number of sales in a month.


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