Marketing Strategies for Business that Don’t Cost the World

When it comes to promoting any business, marketing is a necessary expense, but that doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank to reach your targeted demographic. There are plenty of low-cost marketing strategies that can raise brand awareness even when you don’t have a huge budget. 

With the rise of social and digital marketing platforms, reaching out to your target audiences has become increasingly easier. Try some of the low-cost marketing strategies below to see how well they work for your business’s brand awareness!

Social Media Giveaway’s and Freebies

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People like free stuff; everything always seems so much better when it’s free. Conducting a social media giveaway is a great way to generate attention for your brand and generate leads for your target market. 

If your clause of entry is that people share your post or tag others in your post, you have an exponential reach for what can be a relatively low-cost marketing form, depending on your chosen prize. Even giving out a stationary with your branding, such as pens, notepads, and calendars, can go a long way. For instance, a pen often gets passed on and on again so you can reach audiences you never imagined.

Trade Shows and Community Events

You can raise awareness for your business by attending trade shows and community events. This is because trade shows are a great way to meet pioneers in your field as well as potential clients. 

In these trade shows, while you are engaged with the audience, you could give a talk or a demonstration. You could also organise your own community event to establish a foothold locally. For instance, you could do an open day with a BBQ where you can provide information about your latest services and products or any promotions you currently have. 

Promote your event or presence at trade shows on your social media platforms.

Use Fence Wrap

Traditional methods of marketing are still as relevant as ever. However, buying billboard space can be expensive. A cheaper alternative is using custom banner mesh fence signs on-site and at your premises as a means of advertising. This is opportunistic marketing as it takes a practical, otherwise blank item and turning it into an eye-catching advertising space. offers a huge range of mesh materials by using printing techniques to make sure your branding remains vibrant. You can also bring fence wrap to trade shows, guaranteeing that your stall will be noticed amongst the crowds. This option is a lot less costly than general signage and billboards.

Email Marketing

There is still a lot to be said for email marketing. For one, it is a low-cost lucrative network for targeting your preferred demographic. It is surprising how effective email marketing can be, especially in this age of social media marketing. 

Email marketing has a bad reputation for spamming people. Still, it certainly gets their attention. But, instead of spamming, sending a newsletter can be well received.

Business Cards

Business cards are still a savvy way of promoting your business. They don’t take up much space and they are easy to put up on bulletin boards or in local cafes and shop windows. 

People appreciate a good business card, especially if the aesthetic is right. They fit perfectly in wallets, purses, pockets, and in the little storage area of people’s cars where they can act as a reminder of your services. 

Business cards are generally quite cheap to make and order. And, handing over your card is still a professional touch when people ask you what business you are in.

Create a Loyalty Programme

Creating a loyalty programme is a great method of customer retention. You can offer stamped cards at the checkout or keep an online record where customers can sign up using their email address. Then, later on, you can send them your newsletter. 

You can have a ‘buy ten get one free’ policy or offer a discount after a certain spend. Another way of reaching new clients is by offering a discount using a ‘refer a friend scheme’ so both parties get a discount. 

You can also send discount emails on your client’s birthdays. A small discount won’t put you out of business, but it goes a long way to making customers feel valued.

Take Advantage of Google Maps

Ensure your business is listed in Google maps. The general public does not solely use Google maps to make sure they are going in the right direction, but it is often used to search for businesses nearby. 

Even just reading your business name on the map can generate brand recognition. So, it’s always worthwhile listing your business. And, it doesn’t cost a thing to have your business listed on Google Maps. However, there is a minimal cost to put your opening hours and information.

Take Part in Cross Promotion

Cross-promotion keeps costs down by sharing the advertising expenses. It can also help solidify valuable relationships with other credible businesses. 

Cross-promotion can include bundle giveaways, joint media advertising, and appearances. Even simple things like sharing the costs of print advertising and bringing out joint brochures or videos can go a long way. By cross-promoting, you can get a serious return on your investment by feeding on each other’s customer bases.

It doesn’t have to cost the world

Marketing doesn’t have to be costly. There are many free platforms on social media and other sites to market from. 

Low-cost options are just as effective and are still highly valued by your consumer base. Be sure to tap into your local community as it can generate trust in your business and gain loyalty. These strategies can be used repeatedly, and it means you can test these methods to see their effectiveness without losing a chunk of your budget.

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