How to organise a hiring party

Hosting a hiring party is a brilliant twist on the traditional recruitment process – often yielding better results, and in a much shorter space of time. Pioneered in America by Taco Bell, these fun events are now proving popular across the world, thanks to their removal of some of the usual recruitment boundaries. If you think a hiring party might work for your company, read on to make sure your recruitment event is a resounding success!

1. Choose your location carefully

One of the chief benefits of a hiring party is that it allows you to reach many people all at once – and with none of the lag involved in traditional recruitment methods. Advertising a vacancy, waiting for applications to come in, then inviting those you think sound promising to interview can be a lengthy, drawn-out process which is why hiring parties are enjoying such popularity. However, if you choose a venue which is out-of-town – or in the wrong part of town – then you might not see the influx of candidates you were hoping for.

You could host your event at the location where your new employees will be working, but sometimes this just isn’t practical. If you choose to hire out a venue specifically for your hiring party, you can really focus on creating a dedicated party ambiance. Finding somewhere that is easily accessible (consider public transport routes here), and in a popular, safe part of town is crucial in terms of hosting an inclusive recruitment event.

2. Create a party atmosphere

A hiring party needs to live up to its name: it’s a celebratory event, not a nerve-wracking, formal interview. Setting up a relaxed and inviting atmosphere will entice those who might ordinarily feel intimidated by an interview set-up. There are plenty of simple cues that get across ‘party’ rather than ‘job interview’, so use them wisely! Fun music, bright coloured decorations, visibly casual dress plus a few nibbles and welcome drinks are sure-fire ways of putting everyone at ease – which is one of the main draws of a hiring party, because it allows you to see candidates in a much more natural way. It also gives you an insight into how potential employees interact with each other, which might give you some clues as to whether they will fit in at your company.

3. Take contact details

Now you have worked hard to attract prospective employees to your hiring party, the crucial thing is to make sure you know who they are! In order to take everyone’s contact details so you can follow up with the right people afterwards, it’s always a good idea to have several well-placed pots of cheap personalised pens strategically placed around the venue – along with contact forms to complete – so that your guests can note down their details. What’s more, encourage your candidates to take a cheap pen home with them, so they are regularly reminded of your brand.

4. Tell the world about it

A hiring party is like no other: the guest list is unlimited, and you want the world to know about it! So make sure you advertise and promote your event far-and-wide, in order to attract as many different people as possible. Spreading the word also gets your brand name out there, and many companies report a spike in online interest following a hiring event. Local social media groups can be helpful at drumming up interest (for more information check here), as well as conventional advertising methods, not to mention posters or email invitations to those who have expressed an interest in your brand in the past.

5. Show off your brand

Remember, a hiring party is a two-way process. You want to sell your brand to your potential employees as a welcoming, fun place to work. Ask motivated and enthusiastic members of your workforce to come along, so they can let potential candidates know just how great it is to work for your company. They can also be given particular qualities or areas of expertise to look out for, and act as extra members of the recruitment process who can advise you on candidates you really don’t want to let go.

A hiring party is a fun, efficient and quick way of gathering together larger numbers of potential employees, which can make recruiting staff much easier and, let’s face it, more enjoyable all-round! With just a little effort, you’ll have people queuing up to work for you – and you’ll drum up a welcome buzz for your brand, too!

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