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How to maintain a clean and organised office space

When you’re busy working on projects and handling client requests, it’s safe to say that your workspace can end up a little untidy as you focus on the task at hand. However, a disorganised office space can upset the balance between focus and distraction.

If you’re looking around at your workspace and wondering how you can better organise things to ensure there’s always some sense of order about the place, follow these top tips.


Unnecessary furniture, knick knacks and office equipment you rarely use are all just going to take up space you may not have and add to that sense of chaos. Take a look at your desk right now. Do you really need everything that you’ve featured on it?

Sure, that paperweight looks nice but many of us work in the digital realm with no need for print outs and copies of documents on our desks. The same goes for furniture. Do you need a second office chair (that’s only being used to house that cardigan you threw off the other day and letters you haven’t got round to opening yet).

Take some time to assess what you need and declutter. And by declutter we don’t mean you have to throw everything away. There’s a good chance your business could grow in the future and the extra office equipment and furniture you have may be needed.

Consider moving these items into a storage unit, where you can keep them safe and dry while enjoying an organised office space. You’ll find storage units available across the country – from Farnborough to Fife – that can be accessed whenever you need those items you’ve squirrelled away.

Create a ‘work zone’

This sounds a little strange but you need to demarcate your ‘working area’ and separate it from your ‘living area’. When working from home it’s easy for our personal lives to creep into our working lives – but to maintain a clean and organised office space it’s important to separate the two.

Your desk should only feature essentials needed for work. Don’t let it become an extra shelf for those books on your to read list, kids toys you’ve confiscated or a resting place for washing as you move it between the machine and the line. Your desk or office is where you should be allowed to focus with no distractions.

Start storing documents digitally

Remove the need for storage boxes and filing shelves by moving everything online. A cloud based system not only helps you create an orderly office space but it also ensures everything is backed up so you shouldn’t lose any important documents ever again. Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive are all cloud based systems you’re likely familiar with – so set aside some time to transfer those important documents into these to keep them safe and to remove the need for paper filing.

 Clear your desk at the end of each day

Mugs, food wrappers and crumbs can quickly build up over the day, leading to an untidy desk once 5.30pm rolls around. Take time at the end of the day, once the laptop is closed, to clear your desk of anything that you don’t need for the next morning.

The last thing you want when you go to sit down the next working day is to deal with discarded wrappers and half drunk cups of coffee. You may be tired after an intense day of work but you’ll thank yourself later for cleaning up.

Tidy up cables

Messy and trailing cables are not only unsightly but they create chaos in an office space. Take some time to unravel wires and tie them together to keep them neat. Consider sticking them underneath the desk to avoid feet getting tangled and label them up so you know what’s what. Take a look at this tutorial with more inspiration on how to keep those wires neat and tidy.

Clean up your desktop too

While your physical desk may now be super tidy, a messy desktop on your computer can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Take some time to clean up the files and folders on your desktop, organising them into neat docs that can be easily accessed as and when needed. Remember, the recycling bin is your best friend so move anything you don’t need in there to clear up space in your computer’s memory too.

Enjoy a cleaner and more organised office space when working from home with these easy to carry out tips.