How Software is Changing Recruitment

Companies and recruitment departments are always on a hunting spree for new talent. However, recruiters need to assess their recruiting tools to smoothen and hasten their process. Therefore, recruitment software is coming across as a big-time saviour to reach for more candidates and identify the right employees. These softwares help in sourcing candidates, screening resumes, shortlist and even interview them.


So, let’s have a look at the ways software is impacting the recruitment procedure.


Applicant Tracking Systems


Applicant tracking systems improve and ease some of the most significant pain points one goes through during the talent acquisition process. It makes the process easier not only for the recruiter but also for the applicant. The trend that started in the US, is now need to know for recruited HR professionals in London and Belfast. It saves a lot of time since the recruiter doesn’t have to manually publish the listing on job boards or send follow up emails individually. With an ATS, you can do that all with just a few clicks.


Moreover, an ATS uses algorithms to match the suitability of the candidate and automates the initial screening of all applications. Ultimately, it quickly provides general follow up to move candidates for the next steps.


Recruitment Software


Recruitment software eliminates the need for going through a lot of papers to look for an ideal candidate. Using recruitment software also allows you to connect with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and reach a wide array of potential applicants. In fact, there is a diverse range of tools available for the HR staff that help them store and organise the candidates’ data.


For instance, some of the big-name brands and companies use useful recruitment tech like SmartRecruiters, ICIMS, Greenhouse, Workable, Findthatlead, etc. No wonder this is the latest trend in London recruitment companies and they have managed to hire some skilled employees!


Embedded Software Boom


With this significant impact of technology and electronics, there is a high demand for embedded software jobs in the UK, as well as the US. Nowadays, large businesses are using more machines that have embedded systems installed in them. This has called for the need for an engineer who would design, develop and maintain the software that runs on the microcontroller.


Furthermore, a hired embedded system engineer must have the knowledge of the C language, the most important programming language in the embedded world, and also some C++.


Mobile/App Recruitment Systems


Recruiters also need to learn about mobile app recruitment systems since more candidates are using phones to engage in the job-seeking process. Moreover, this is one of the most incredible ways to keep working even when you are away from the office. As everyone is on the phone most of the time, no calls, texts or emails will be missed.


Therefore, the recruiter needs to ensure that his software is mobile-optimised featuring apps for both iOS and Android. For instance, SmartRecruiters will help you build career pages offering an easy mobile application process. Using this will also let the candidate and recruiter track and manage prospective applicants. One can keep an eye on events like job fairs, recruiting meetups, field locations and campus events.

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