How Paylines Affect RTP, Volatility, and Hit Frequency in Online Pokies

Whether playing a game of pokies on an online or land-based casino in Australia, learning how to win is beneficial. Most Aussie people do not know about paylines and how they affect their online casino payout. Still, there are other things like RTP, volatility, and hit frequency that you must consider. 

Apart from the winnings, the factors can affect your experience with online pokies. However, you do not need to worry as we will help you understand them and how it impacts your game. Read through the article that John Gold from BetPokies wrote to get valuable insights to ensure you are successful in casino pokies.

What are Paylines?

If you are not new to casino pokies, you have come across paylines. They are the combinations that make you win and are set in a particular order depending on the casino you are playing at. There are two variations of paylines, namely;

  • Fixed paylines: they are set, and players cannot change the winning combinations. Fixed paylines are the most applied in modern casinos.
  • Variable paylines: a gamer can increase or decrease the number of paylines in a game of pokies. They were familiar with brick-and-mortar casinos in Australia.

Now, with an idea of what paylines are, let us go further to understand how it affects the other components in online pokies in our subsequent section.

paylines The Impact of Paylines on RTP

In the casino industry, people refer to a player’s winnings as Return-to-player (RTP). With the fixed paylines, there will be no effect whatsoever on the RTP since you cannot alter the winning combinations. 

Probably you are wondering how changing the number of paylines may affect your possible online casino payout when playing virtually. It depends on the platform you select for your gaming and betting. You can find some with many paylines, but the winnings are minimal. At the same time, some service providers use few paylines, but the RTP is high, while others set it at a lower value than other sites.

The amount you can win in online pokies depends on the number of paylines you use since each has a chance of giving you a payout. Therefore, Aussie players can alter the number of paylines to increase their probability of winning and receiving the online casino payout. But, you will have to stake a higher amount per spin when increasing the paylines. It means that the variable paylines do not boast your winnings. Your RTP will depend on the amount you stake.

Does Paylines Affect Volatility

Volatility in casinos entails the frequency of player winning and the amount they get. When the volatility is high, the gaming platform will give you big payouts but will be over a certain period. On the other hand, low volatility means smaller winnings within a shorter time than the alternative. Whether the online casino you are playing with has high or low volatility, paylines will not impact the value. The winnings’ probability remains the same even if you change the number of paylines with the variable option. It will not affect how often the game offers Aussie players payouts but can impact the hit frequency.

Although paylines do not affect volatility, there are other factors to consider if you want to determine how often you can receive an online casino payout. It will largely depend on: 

  • the number of times you hit the winning combinations,
  • the values of symbols for the game of pokies. 

So, you need to know how the various symbols pay and the ones providing the highest value.

The Impact of Paylines on the Hit Frequency

When playing pokies in casinos, you will spin, and the game will give you an outcome after stopping. It will either be a win or nothing. Hit frequency refers to the probability of winning after every round, regardless of the amount to win. With fixed paylines, the percentage remains the same, and you cannot alter the number of winning lines. 

Therefore casinos using the option will not affect your hit frequency as you cannot increase your chances of winning. However, adjustable paylines can significantly affect a player’s hit frequency. Increasing the number of winning combinations will increase the chances of getting an online casino payout after every spin. Although the probability of winning per round increases when you add the paylines, the return-to-player value remains the same since you will pay a higher value as a stake.

The Final Thoughts

The hit frequency, volatility, and RTP are critical parameters in casino gambling in Australia. Now you know how paylines can impact them. Its only impact will be on the hit frequency, which is why you find most pokies using the fixed paylines. Still, you can use the insights in this read to help you find a suitable platform for you. Choosing the right casino will determine your experience and set you up for success in the activities.

And if you’re facing a gambling addiction, get free help and call the National Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858.


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