How can you increase the visibility of your Facebook page?

Is Facebook Still Relevant?

Technology is changing at a fast pace and this includes new social media platforms. In 2009, Facebook became the most popular social media site and it has held this lead ever since. While other platforms, such as X (Twitter) and Instagram have also grown in popularity, Facebook is still top of the market.

While it is true that many younger people are interested in sites such as TikTok, Facebook is still relevant all over the world. Furthermore, the people who use Facebook may be a bit older, which is an advantage. After all, older demographics have more buying power. Creating more engagement for your business can be achieved through various avenues, including if you buy Facebook views on SocialsGrow or if you produce engaging content that is of interest to your followers.

How to Craft the Perfect Facebook Strategy

Now that we’ve established that Facebook is a good place to create your online presence, it’s time to think about your Facebook strategy. With over two billion active users, Facebook is a behemoth that you can get to work for you. This entails the major points of building your page and creating a large following.

Use All the Relevant Tools

There is more to Facebook than just posting what you are thinking or uploading pet photos. In fact, Facebook regularly updates its content tools, so it’s important to stay up to date on all that it offers.

Video – Reels

Thanks to the surge in popularity of TikTok, Facebook now has a function called Reels. With reels, you can upload videos to your Facebook page that your followers will then be able to see.

These reels are only able to be a maximum of 90 seconds long, so you don’t have to panic about creating content. In fact, reels can be a fun way to express yourself and play around with all the available tools.

Reels exist for an indefinite period of time, much like regular Facebook posts. Basically, the more reels you post, the harder it will be to find older reels, but they are still there if you look for them. You do, however, have the option to keep some reels and posts hidden.

Video – Stories

Another video option on Facebook is stories. These are similar to reels but only last for 24 hours. Stories are meant to show something that is happening at the moment, such as a reaction.

For personal Facebook pages, stories are a good option if you want to post about your children but don’t want their images to be online permanently.

Facebook stories have a maximum length of 30 seconds. If you happen to post a video that is longer than this, Facebook will automatically cut it for time, so be sure you pay attention to the time limit, or else your story will seem truncated.


It’s always fun to see what everyone else is thinking. Facebook polls are a nice tool to use whether you want feedback on something silly or serious, or if you want more fans to comment on trending topics.

With a Facebook poll, you write out an answer and then provide a few answers that users can vote on. This is an easy way to increase engagement and give your followers something to talk about.

Facebook polls are anonymous, so there are no repercussions from the results. You also have the ability to add comments to polls, which can enhance the debate around the topic.


Facebook comments should not be overlooked. While there are now a plethora of reaction buttons, comments are a much better way to promote engagement over different issues. The more people engage in a post, the easier it is to increase visibility.

What’s especially good about Facebook comments is that as long as your page is public, other users can see what people comment, even if they don’t follow your page. As a result, you can easily grow your follower account.

Be Consistent With Your Facebook News Page


Want to increase the visibility of your page? Stay active. It is not okay to simply create a Facebook page and hope that the rest of the internet will find it.

There are millions of active news feeds and more are being created each day. If you don’t post consistently, you will be lost in the shuffle.

Furthermore, just because you have a successful Facebook page does not mean you can lean back. Once you have a build-up of Facebook followers, that is the time to post even more, in order to keep their engagement.

Brand loyalty only goes so far, especially when there is the anonymity of the internet. If somebody doesn’t find value in your Facebook page, they will quickly look elsewhere.

Finally, the Facebook algorithm won’t organically promote your page if you don’t have much new content. Again, the internet is all about creating a cycle of viewership, so if nobody is looking at your page anymore, then you won’t get any new followers.

Learn What is Working With Each Facebook Post

After you get started on your Facebook page, it’s important to know what is working and what isn’t. Don’t worry too much about this right away. Instead, give yourself a few weeks to try out new things and get comfortable with the format.

After a few weeks or a month, start to use Facebook’s analytics tools. These are easy to understand and will give you real-time information.

First, look to see what posts have had the most interactions with and what posts didn’t have any interactions. Obviously, you should then create more posts similar to those that were popular. The more engaging content you have, the better your profile will grow.

You can also look for the optimal time of day to post. If you see that more of your morning posts get more views than your evening posts, begin to schedule more of your content for the early hours.

Finally, if you include links to another website in any of your Facebook posts, see if anyone is clicking on it. It’s not enough to just get likes and comments on a linked post. Instead, you want to ensure that people are engaged or interested enough to click on the link, which usually includes some sort of purchasing option.

How Can You Use Your Time More Wisely?

Starting a Facebook page can be a bit time-consuming at first. However, once you get into a rhythm, it shouldn’t take up too much time. Here are some easy ways to make your Facebook page work for you and not the other way around.

Use the Planner Function For Your Facebook Posts

Facebook offers you the ability to plan up to a month’s worth of posts at a time if you have a business page. This is an invaluable tool. Set aside a few hours once a week and go through the content you want to post. Then, add it to the planner.

By using a time-blocking organizational tool, you can stay more focused on your task which will make you more productive. The planner tool is very easy to use and you can still add extra posts as needed if you want. Posting content at regular intervals will ensure more Facebook fans get access to your content.

Purchase Facebook Likes, Followers, and Comments


If you want a really easy way to increase the visibility of your page, you can get a head start by purchasing likes, comments, and followers. Just be sure it is from a reliable source, for example, SocialsGrow, that uses real people and not fake accounts.

While Facebook and other social media sites prohibit the use of bots or fake accounts, there are no rules about paying real people to like or follow your account. This is an especially good idea if you are just starting out and want to grow your Facebook page really quickly.

Use Ads In Your Facebook Feed

Facebook needs to generate money somehow and they do this through the use of ads.

You can set your budget as low as $5 or as high as you want per ad. The more money you spend on ads, the larger the target audience is.

If you do pay for Facebook ads, try to set your audience to be as specific as possible. Start by deciding if you want to reach men or women. They, select the age group. Filter by location and add in keywords to target specific demographics.

Finally, pay attention to the success of your ads. If they work, you can use more. If they don’t you may need to switch up the ad targeting or use different types of posts to see if they work.


Your Facebook news feed has tons of information that are directly related to your business. In order to create more audience engagement, you can manage your entire page by adding more interesting articles, more creative posts, and interactive services. Your brand will grow and improve the better your social media presence is. To get started, think about purchasing followers or likes for Facebook. Then, when people see how relevant your site is, they will tell their friends and you can increase your target audience.

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