How Becoming A Mentor Could Help You Excel In Your Career

Reflecting on when you started your career? For some, it might feel as if was decades ago. However, this should be seen as an indicator of how far you have come since you started.

Those who have experienced long and fruitful careers will also have had their fair share of mistakes they made and the lessons they learned from those moments. Throughout their career, they will have experienced a plethora of changes to adapt to, a little bit of luck and an abundance of hard work and commitment. As a result, they will have accomplished great success, gained years of experience and valuable knowledge. All of which is worth sharing with others.

With this experience and knowledge accumulated, many are wondering ways that they can use everything they learned to further excel in their career. One available route is mentoring.

The purpose of mentoring is to connect an individual who is bursting with experience and knowledge, with an individual who is in the early stages of their career and only has limited knowledge and experience. Having a person who knows more about the industry, who has succeeded and has experienced failure, can be incredibly beneficial for those starting. The advice they can share, the guidance they can offer and how they can be a sounding board for thoughts, will help the mentee to benefit from experience beyond their own. Rather than trial and error, a mentor is a role model a person can try to imitate.

Benefits Of Becoming A Mentor

Becoming a mentor brings with it a plethora of benefits. Often the reasons for not becoming a mentor are around not having enough time. For some, they do not possess the right skills. Others think that their personality is not suitable for being a mentor. Many of these are excuses and are not reasons why they should not be a mentor.

Despite what we might think, we all have more time, skills and insight. With support, anyone holds the potential to learn how to be a good mentor.

If you find yourself still on the fence, here are some of the reasons why you should consider becoming a mentor.

Increase Your Knowledge About Company Or Profession

How much do you know about the challenges, purpose and daily workload of other teams? Mentoring provides an opportunity to broaden your views and gain a deep insight into what goes on in other areas. The knowledge you will learn will equip you to make sounder, more holistic decisions in your career.

Gain New Perspectives And Generate Fresh Ideas

Mentoring offers a unique opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone. It allows you to separate from your friends and the endless information on social media. Instead allows you to develop a greater understanding of how the world looks through someone else’s eyes. Having new perspectives will lead to fresh ideas, leading to opportunities to grow in your career.

Improve Your Productivity Levels

Learning and communicating with younger colleagues and sharing your insights will all help you work effectively together in the company. Stepping up the pace and increasing productivity will allow everyone within the company to succeed – including you.

Strengthen Your Knowledge

Teaching is one of the best ways to embed knowledge. From experience, you will have learned the hard way how to hire the right person, ways to raise prices or negotiate a challenging contract. With this experience, you can pass on your knowledge to a novice starting in their career. By sharing this knowledge you have accumulated, you will clarify and embed those lessons within yourself for future reference.

Learn About A New Generation

Becoming a mentor is not restricted to one age group. Regardless of age, becoming a mentor will also help to enhance a person’s career. For those who are older looking to become a mentor, it provides a window into the younger generation. A generation that is more culturally attuned and digitally inclined compared to others. Whilst you might have relatives or friends within either the millennial or Generation Z groups, developing a professional relationship with a young professional or current student has the potential to offer fresh insights.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

Becoming a mentor will help you learn how to guide and help people who come from various backgrounds, environments and stages of life. As you will both come from two separate generations, the language and the references you make will be very diverse. There also might be an opportunity for you to discover a new way to communicate. One that is in a manner that is more effective than before. Leading and helping others will require you to take initiative. Whether you need to be adaptable or problem-solve based on the bigger picture, you will need to put your skills to the test.

How To Become A Mentor

Knowing what the benefits are from becoming a mentor, many wonder how do they become a mentor. Becoming a mentor is not as challenging as some might have assumed. With the support and guidance, becoming a mentor can be an easy route to take. If becoming a mentor does interest you, then here are a few routes you can take.

  • Mentoring Platform –The power the internet has is extraordinary. It allows you to easily connect with others from different countries, industries, backgrounds. There are also mentoring platforms available that allow you to sign up to become a mentor. For example, PushFar matches you up to a mentee looking to learn more about your respected industry and ways to succeed. The platform has been designed to help you schedule meetings with your mentee. In addition to this, it will help you with tracking goals and keeping on top of mentoring. Platforms such as this one are great for supporting you as you try your hand at being a mentor.
  • Opportunities At Work –There are opportunities within the workplace to become a mentor. When a new employee starts, you can show them how systems work and how the company works. However, as a mentor, you can also share how to succeed. Also, it is a chance to share some of the experiences and knowledge you have accumulated over the years. All of which could be beneficial for them starting.

The Bottom Line

All of these skills that you will gain from becoming a mentor can be used in helping you to excel in your career. During your time as a mentor, you will be sharing the experiences you have had in your career so far, whilst making new ones. You will also be learning new techniques, different perspectives and find ways that will further increase your productivity levels. Many of these will not have been possible without the opportunities being a mentor has provided. However, all of these will be beneficial to you in your career.

So, next time a mentoring opportunity comes up at work, consider taking it. If you find that there are no opportunities are available, find alternative routes to take. It could be looking for volunteer work or looking at mentoring platforms to sign up for. Who knows, you may find this leap into becoming a mentor will transform your career.

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