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Fernando Raymond Teaches How to Start A Blog On WordPress With SeekaHost

Whether you are a small business, digital entrepreneur or aspiring freelancer, having a blog can boost your online presence immensely.

Having a business website is one thing, but what can really drive organic traffic and attract many more potential readers and customers is a blog where many questions are answered.

Most businesses and bloggers would start a blog using the popular WordPress platform due to its reliability and flexibility. The other plus is that you can start a blog for free with WordPress.

How To Get Started With A Free WordPress Blog?

At ClickDo Ltd. the expert team have set up and managed hundreds of WordPress blogs from scratch for just a few dollars. Even popular bloggers like The Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis started a very humble blog for £80 and within ten years this is generating millions.

Fernando Raymond, the CEO of ClickDo Ltd. and SeekaHost Ltd., has vast experience with starting blogs and in his extensive step by step guide he explains how to start a blog UK.

He explains how one can easily download the WordPress.org software, buy a domain at SeekaHost, pay the lowest price for Blog hosting at www.seekahost.org  where you can conveniently manage all your digital properties in one place, and start a blog that will go big.

SeekaHost.org offers the best Blog Hosting site control panel which makes it easy to start a WordPress blog in less than 60 seconds. You won’t find this anywhere else.

Because Fernando himself is a digital entrepreneur and knows how time-consuming building and managing a blog can be, he has worked hard with his SeekaHost Team to create this platform to save every online business time.

How will SeekaHost help with setting up your blog?

At SeekaHost you can find everything you need to start a blog, from finding the best domain name to getting it up and running.

Choose and find the right domain with SeekaHost

Anything else can be altered and modified. But a domain name and extension once chosen remains a permanent feature of your site. The SeekaHost support team can help you with identifying the best extension such as .com or .net and great examples of brilliant and successful domain names via their blog articles and guides or their live chat.

You quickly check in the SeekaHost registration bar whether your chosen domain name is available and you’re ready to buy it. SeekaHost offers very affordable annual domain cost starting from £6.

Get great value hosting at competitive prices with SeekaHost

Just like a property in the real world needs land to be built on, a website resides on a server, which can be compared to a huge hard disk. With SeekaHost you can buy space on a hard drive belonging to the hosting company, which manages this service for you to ensure it’s safe, reliable with almost 100% uptime.

SeekaHost offers a variety of hosting plans and Fernando shows them to you in his guide, but you can also compare them on the SeekaHost.co.uk website under “Hosting”. SeekaHost provides a flexible one-time charge for its services, which are renewable monthly or annually.

As an emerging business, freelancer or blogger, the Basic Plan is more than enough for your needs to get started.

Make your blog shine with SeekaHost University

Now that your blog is up and running you need to build it in a way that it will attract traffic and become noticeable on search engines and other online platforms.

Fernando explains in his how to start a blog guide which WordPress plugins can help, which tools you should use and much more so that you can expand your blog profile. But if you really want to learn how to install plugins, use SEO and analytics tools and how to do on- and off-page SEO, the SeekaHost University provides a comprehensive Blogging course that teaches you every important step along the way.

SeekaHost bloggers have trialed and tested these techniques and guarantee that your blog will grow and increase its audience, if you follow all the steps and implement them. Blogging has helped internet entrepreneur Fernando Raymond build and grow ClickDo Ltd. and SeekaHost Ltd. and he is now on a mission to help 100 million people get online with a personal blog or website built on WordPress in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Look out for more and better solutions for bloggers and digital entrepreneurs at SeekaHost and learn the digital skills necessary to succeed online with SeekaHost University.  Be ready to build the blog of your dreams on WordPress with your best partner SeekaHost.