Essential IT Services to grow a business

IT support companies can provide a range of excellent services to keep your business running smoothly, keep your software applications up to date, and provide 24/7, 365-day support. All of these IT services are vital for your business, offering peace of mind and the knowledge that you’ve got backup and help available if you need it.

Let’s take a look at some other IT support services that are also vital for growing your business

Why it’s essential to have a good internet connection

Nowadays, there are few businesses that can manage without any kind of internet connection, and for most this is a vital service that they can’t live without. No business can afford to have a slow internet connection where staff are waiting for what feels like hours for a slow connection to load so they can actually do their job. Even worse if you have a system where customers log on and pay for services or purchase products that are working so slowly they give up.

It’s inefficient, frustrating and likely to cause loss of income, and maybe even loss of customers.

More so than ever, people won’t wait. They want to get things done now, and if you can’t provide that due to a slow internet connection, they will look to your competition for a better service.

Luckily, getting great business broadband is no problem, with great options including leased lines, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). Each one offers speedy internet and a more secure connection, with no contention ratio.

Why it’s essential to have strong cyber security

You may remember that the NHS was hacked back in 2017 and the infamous WannaCry ransomware took over their computers, encrypting their data and demanding a ransom to get it back. ( While ransomware is bad enough, businesses face an absolute onslaught of malware from phishing attacks and social engineering to viruses, trojans and worms. While some of these do very little damage, others can encrypt files, erase or damage data, steal information, and even cause physical damage to computers.

You can’t afford for your business to be unavailable due to an attack, and with the high fines from ICO for data breaches, you don’t want to be having to find the money for that either. Nor can any business afford the damage to their reputation and loss of trust that can drive customers away into the arms of their competitors.

Good cyber security can provide email security that blocks spam emails and prevent phishing attacks, malware detection and removal, and secure, regular backups that make it easy to restore your system quickly, should the worst happen.

Why it’s more efficient to have a VoIP system rather than traditional copper phone lines

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and basically means that your phone calls are done over the internet rather than via a traditional phone system.

There are many advantages to VoIP services that simply aren’t possible with traditional copper phone lines. The first thing you’ll likely notice if you have VoIP is the quality of the sound. As long as you have a good internet connection, the sound on VoIP is crystal clear. Compared with the traditional phone system, VoIP is also far more cost-effective, especially if you often make international calls. It’s easy to install, easy to add or remove users quickly, and fully scalable as your business grows. For convenient remote working, which is more important than ever, staff can make calls while they’re out and about, and even take their phone number with them.

Why it’s essential for a business to use a cloud system

The cloud is an excellent way to work for any business. Rather than relying on old server rooms and data centres, modern businesses can move everything to the cloud, benefitting from flexibility, scalability and more security.

As your business grows, it’s extremely important that you can easily add new users quickly and get them set up with the systems and software they need. With cloud working, it’s a matter of seconds to get your new staff up and running.

And it’s the same for new software- like Office 365. No more walking around to individual PCs with a set of CDs to install new apps and software. With cloud computing, you can add new software quickly to all staff who need it, securely controlling who has access to systems and data. You can also take advantage of new technologies, including AI, to keep your business bang up to date and ahead of the competition.

With lower costs and savings on infrastructure, your business is more agile, flexible, and quicker to adapt to changing needs.

For any size of business, these solutions make it easier to grow your business, to scale and to be ready for any future technological developments.

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