Dispute Resolution in Lithuania – Whom to Entrust the Process?

Wondering who could qualitatively represent your company in dispute resolution abroad? While Lithuania has many great lawyers to offer, you surely want to find those who conform to your unique business field, values, and attitude. Get to know the main criteria to find like-minded experts, an innovative dispute resolution team.

Experience in Your Business Field

In fact, it’s wise to seek long-term legal partners that could consult on different legal questions. Defence in business is undoubtedly one of the most important ones, but there is way more to a strong partnership. Think of a solid legal base – investments, data protection, tax, and financial strategies.

Now, when you’ve found likely candidates, opt for ones who have relevant experience. If you’re in the agricultural field, go for the team recognized in this specific sphere. Leading a fintech company? Consider cooperating with fintech lawyers precisely.


Flexibility might not be the word you’d often encounter in the articles about law firms. Still, it’s inseparable from a modern team of lawyers. Especially when we talk about the variety of services and its’ alternatives. Let it be the dispute resolution itself. There are traditional and alternative ways to manage various disputes

Would you prefer to always have a variety of choices? Find professionals who have expertise in different fields: arbitration, litigation, negotiation. By the way, it’s crucial to think about preferred ways to deal with challenges in advance.


Another enriching feature worth looking for is diversity. Researching trustworthy partners think long-term. There might be many causes of disputes, so you might need insights from different law fields’ specialists. Usually, a conflict itself covers at least a few legal questions.

So, while talking about diversity, think of two aspects here:

  • Different specialists
  • Unique projects

Firstly, seek a firm that gathers various legal experts (tax, IP, e-commerce, finance, corporate law, etc.). Then, look over the projects they’ve worked on. Ask yourself what kind of experience is or might be relevant for you. Is there a diversity in companies’ sizes and fields? Are there any projects related to international disputes?

Take it a step further and add a few more criteria to your research. There is no better proof of a trustworthy team than its’ professionals who are recognized in innovative business communities or even participate in legislation processes.

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