Different Types of CCTV: Which is Right for your Business?

Surveillance has made our lives easier, helping us to improve our security and keep us safe. CCTV cameras are now installed virtually everywhere – be it your street or in your favourite store. With different types of CCTV cameras being released all the time, it has become quite challenging for people to choose the most suitable camera for their premises. The security of your workforce, assets, and data should be your priority, and CCTV surveillance could be the solution.

Knowing that your workplace is monitored 24/7 and your employees are watched closely will give you peace of mind. Even if an incident of some kind occurs, you will have video evidence to catch the perpetrator and make a prosecution. Let’s discuss a few common types of CCTV cameras you might want to consider for your business.

Dome CCTV Cameras

These cameras feature a dome-shaped case that houses the camera. They might be discreet, but the dome cameras never fail to deter criminals. The specialty of this camera is the dome casing that makes it nearly impossible for people to know where the camera is pointing. These cameras also have an unobtrusive design that fits easily in any corner.

Uses: Dome CCTV cameras can be used for indoor and outdoor applications seamlessly. It is a 360-degrees camera, meaning it provides full coverage of the area. The camera covers each direction and captures the views at every angle. The dome-shaped design combined with 360-degrees rotation makes this camera a perfect fit for casinos, hotels, restaurants, and retail stores.

Bullet Cameras

These cylindrical-shaped CCTV cameras are designed to efficiently cover long distances. These cameras are commonly installed in exterior spaces, as they come in robust casing that’s made to resist dirt and dust that may cause issues for the camera. The camera is clearly visible, which makes it a deterrent for thieves and other criminals. The casing of the camera can also resist water, making it a suitable option for areas that receive extreme rainfall.

Uses: Bullet cameras make a great fit for farming, manufacturing, and a range of other industries. In addition to capturing high-quality pictures, bullet cameras are effective in deterring thieves.

C-Mount Cameras

C-mount cameras are bulky but high-quality CCTV surveillance cameras. One quality that sets these cameras apart from other options is their detachable lenses. The camera features detachable lenses that can be replaced according to your needs, allowing you to switch the lenses to monitor different directions and distances. In this way, C-mount cameras are customizable. You can fit additional lenses into this type of camera to extend its reach. C-Mount cameras come equipped with a weather-proof and water-proof casing that makes them the best fit for outdoor use.

Uses: The camera is a popular option for exteriors. It is highly recommended for malls, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores that need to monitor the area outside their shops. C-mount cameras are not only bulky, but they are pretty visible, meaning they do a great job in deterring thieves.

PTZ Pan Tilt Cameras

This camera gives your in-house security team full control over recordings. The camera can move left and right, up and down easily. The best part about the PTZ Pan Tilt camera is that it can be moved with a single touch of the button. The zoom-in and zoom-out feature allow users to get a closer look at the objects. The camera can rotate 360 degrees, giving you a complete view of the camera’s surroundings. These cameras also have amazing image resolution.

Uses: The camera is mainly used for remote viewing as it covers large distances with high resolution. Besides that, this type of camera is designed to detect movements while easily deterring thieves.

Day/Night Cameras

As the name suggests, these cameras are designed to operate equally well during the day and the night. Whether you install it in a dim environment or a well-lit area, these cameras will give you a clear picture of your property and the surroundings, capturing images in black and white only. These cameras typically come with solid casing that protects them from dirt, dust, water, and other elements.

Uses: There must be plenty of CCTV cameras designed for the exterior application, but a day/night camera features sensitive imaging that makes it a perfect option for your exteriors. It is therefore recommended for those who need 24/7 monitoring of their surroundings in different lightings.

Key Takeaways

CCTV cameras can be a useful and effective part of any security system, whether for your home or your business. However, with so many types of CCTV available, each with their own pros and cons, it can be difficult to choose which is the best type of CCTV for you. If you’re still unsure what will be the best security devices for your businesses, consult with experts upcomingsecurity.co.uk for professional advice.