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Devices of the past decade

Each year brings new devices into our lives. We use some of them every single day, others have a small niche of users. But technology leaps forward with unbelievable speed, and all we can do is try to keep up with it. Besides the obviously popular devices, like smartphones and AirPods, a lot happened in the last decade that you might have missed. We have a few gadgets listed for you, in case you’d want to take a look at them. 

  • Phone signal booster. The idea for this great device was not actually born in the 2010s, but the gadget got FCC approved in 2013. It is intended to enhance the weak signal from your mobile carrier so that you can have clear reception anywhere in your house or office. If you are blessed with good reception and you are not really following the tech news that closely, you might not even have heard of it. Well, this great gadget consists of 3 main components: the external antenna, which is mounted on the roof of the building that suffers from a poor connection. It catches the signal from outside and transmits it to the amplifier, which makes it much stronger, before passing it on to the internal antenna, typically mounted under the ceiling. The latter makes sure the intended area receives a strong, even signal. There you have it. Choose the right one for you, as they are very versatile. Models differ depending on your carrier, location and the coverage. This device will make sure you can access the internet anytime and don’t have a dropped call again. 
  • Raspberry Pi. This curious device looks like something torn out of a robot, or something. But in fact, it’s a miniature Linux computer, with infinite possibilities for learning, creating and coding. First, you need a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. With raspberry’s help, you can learn essential robotics, coding, create clouds, etc. If your brain is bursting with engineering ideas, this device is godsent.  First introduced in 2012, it has released newer, better, more progressive models since then and sold millions of units across the world. 
  • Astel & Kern music players. If you thought music players were obsolete in our day and age when everyone has a smartphone in their pockets, lots of music enthusiasts wouldn’t agree. These particular players are one of the best you can find for the price, and they are remarkable in their execution. They have built-in amplifiers and give you an astounding quality of sound. But then again, they occupy a pretty small niche and are mostly used by people who can actually tell the difference between FLAC and mp3 formats (not the case with all of us). 
  • Pebble smartwatch. It was released before apple watch and was the primary reason for smartwatches becoming a household item. There was a demand on the market for a while at that point, and pebble watch satisfied that demand by presenting this great device. Fitbit already existed at the time, but the pebble smartwatch gave the idea to big companies like Apple and Google to start creating their versions. 
  • Nest Thermostat. This one is probably quite widespread, but still a great device to have in the house. A smart thermostat with a very intuitive design, that was first introduced in 2011. It’s quite easy to use and after some time it learns to accommodate your usual patterns. Meaning it doesn’t require you to set it every time. And plus, it will help you save money on your bills!  

There are lots and lots of news in the tech world, changing on a daily basis. So if you want to ride the wave and not fall back, follow the tech world and find out about the latest news on the market!