Create Your Own Garden Office

It is little wonder that we are seeing more and more people make use of video conferencing apps such as Skype or Whatsapp to stay connected to the office while working from home. Indeed, the higher transport costs coupled with high-speed broadband that is widely available make the prospect a reality for many employees. In fact, it isn’t just about economic reason when it comes to making a choice to be home-based, a lot of employers find that employees that do not need to deal with a stressful commute are actually more productive, and take less time off for being sick. However, why are we talking about choosing the garden as the ideal workplace at home?

When you set up a shed in the garden as your designated workspace, it means you are completely separate from the typical distractions around you at home, whether that happens to be the kids playing or the dog begging for a walk; you can fully concentrate on your work. Visit this website for more information on getting your perfect garden office.

There is no need to waste time every day commuting so you can enjoy a better work-life balance. The time that you recover can be used to enjoy hobbies or have time as a family. The end result is a feeling of greater contentment and fulfillment in life.

When you have a room that is designated only for work purposes, it also creates a sense of order. With the exception of bedrooms, rooms in homes do tend to be communal, this means that you can’t really close the door on work for the day. A home office means that you have a place that is orderly and tidy. You can have a filing cabinet, shelving, and a desk. Your computer can be set up here as well as your office chair. As well as this, all of your equipment and general office gear does not need to form part of the overall decor vibe in your home. They just need to be functional. No one will benefit when the kids’ toys are stuck in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet or the ironing has been left on your office chair. A garden office means that you are still ‘at home’ but your work life and your home life are separate. You say when your workday starts and ends and it stays that way. If you decide you want to work late an evening you can do so, while the rest of the family relaxes in the home.

You may not be aware, but a garden building that has been constructed using timber is better for your health than one that has been made using plaster, bricks, and plasterboard. Wood is a natural substance and as such it breathes and adjusts as the humidity and temperature in the room change. It is also a good insulator and if the room is designed well it will provide coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter in a superior way to a house with central heating and air conditioning. Such natural material can also reduce stress and stress triggers.

Unless the shed is going to be very large it will be unlikely that you will have to get planning permission. Just ensure that there is a solid fence in place so that your light does not disturb the neighbors if you plan to work in the evenings. You can buy a shed prepacked at a reasonable price from many garden centers and timber building manufacturers. Even if you opt for additional insulation, the overall cost is sure to be less than having an extension built on your home, as well as this a wooden shed takes a small time frame to erect.

The savings that you will gain from choosing a garden shed means that you can decorate and accessorize your workspace as you please. You could custom design the interior so that it is perfect for your needs and your officer furniture.

The overheads that will come with a garden shed will also be less than sitting in your dining room to work or renting an office space in a local center. You can use double glazing and wall insulation in your garden office and heating the office will be a lot less than heating the entire house if you are the only one home during the day. You could pay upwards of £200 per month for a business start-up desk (location dependant).

You can also legally get back some of the costs related to your garden office. VAT registered businesses can claim back the installation costs, as well as various fittings and fixtures. You may also have the circumstances to rent the garden office. Your accountant will be able to advise you on the best way to offset the expense of your garden office.

Take another read of this list and see how your business can benefit. Keep in mind that your employer will not be the one to say how the office is decorated. You can choose whatever decor you like. This will create a workspace that is much more inspiring and fulfilling.

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