AMG Athletes a fast-growing business founded by pro athlete Abdelrahman Elghadban

AMG Athletes is a sports academy based in Cairo, Egypt. It was founded in 2018 by professional basketball player Abdelrahman Elghadban. The academy first started out with just basketball training, currently it’s open for Basketball, Handball, Judo, fencing and Performance training.

Elghadban, the 27-year old has led his business to be Egypt’s #1 in sports training. Hosting some of the best coaches in Egypt whom have competed and won olympic medals.

AMG AthletesAbdelrahman has shared thoughts on the idea behind the academy and it’s mission and vision.

” I first started this academy to help players in Egypt get better basketball training. I wanted to share my experience of 7 years playing overseas and shorten the way for younger players who want to compete at a high level. I was able to provide the best training in basketball and wanted to expand to other sports. The whole idea behind the academy is to have elite professional training available for everyone in all sports”

The academy provides an online training program for basketball that is available on their website .The program has sold mostly in Egypt, the US, Germany, Italy, Canada and UAE.

AMG is expected to reach it’s peak in 2024 where Abdelrahman said his next step would be to build a complete sports complex in Cairo that would help professional athletes prepare for competition and provide them with the same level of training available in leading countries like USA and Spain.

Egyptians are crazy about football. It’s their number one sport and number one passion. This makes it hard for other sports to receive support from the people. In professional sports, support means more eyeballs watching means more money. Abdelrahman added,

“A big goal of mine is to create passion and love for different sports so that we can get people to support other sports than football. If I can get people in Egypt to support basketball like they support football, that would be huge for the sport and the players. I mean look at the Spain, they are passionate about football like all of Europe but they too have a huge fanbase that supports basketball and other sports. We need that in Egypt as well”

AMG AthletesAMG Athletes is on the road to becoming Egypt’s heart for sports. Even though it’s not a club, it can definitely have an impact on how sports devolope in Egypt and how people see sports other than football.

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