A Guide for Creating Your Business Name and Logo

For many entrepreneurs, thinking of a sound business product or idea is the easy part; it is the business naming, branding and logo design that might create a challenge. How do you make sure that the name and logo you choose best suits your product, gives off the right impression and is eye-catching enough to make a statement? Business branding is just as important as your actual product after all, but it might seem overwhelming if design is not your forte.

Why is it Important to Get Your Business Name and Logo Right?

These are two key parts of your branding, and they are going to be vital in representing your business in the best possible way. No matter how effective your product is, if your branding, name or logo is not suitable, this can put many consumers off. This is especially true of new start-ups if you have not yet built up renown or reputation, and have consumers making a judgement on you straight away.

Choosing the right business name means your business can be more memorable, more noticeable, and more easily provide insight into your brand message. Choosing the right logo means your business can be more identifiable and more eye-catching.

How to Create the Right Business Name and Logo

Think Clear and Concise

You do not want a business name that is hard to pronounce or hard to spell. This will make it difficult for consumers to speak about you and search for you online. Clarity is key when it comes to a business name, and it will also help it to be more memorable.

Display in the Best Way

Not only is it important to choose the right name and logo, but to also have them displayed clearly with everything you do. You do not want to risk a name being misread or illegible through poor typography, font choice or unprofessional signage.

You therefore want to think about all the ways you can professionally display your business name, especially if you have a store or premises, such as through choosing an aluminium composite panel sign.

Try to Be Descriptive

This might be difficult depending on your product, but if you can put information about what your business does into your business name easily, this will be helpful for consumers and help to promote your brand. The same applies for your logo – you can try to incorporate information reflecting your business through a banner or the right image.

Research Your Competitors

You need to double check that any business name has not already been taken, but you also need to be sure your name and logo are not too similar to a competitor’s. Look at what your competitors are branded as, and think about how you can make yours different and stand out from them.

Be Consistent with Color and Design

This applies to any design features of your business but is important for your name and logo display. Choose a color scheme and design that suits your business brand and incorporate this into your name and logo consistently. You want your name and logo to work in tandem with each other.

Use these tips as a great starting point for your name and logo creation.