A Brief Guide to Marketing Your Business Online

Marketing your business can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are just starting out and new to the process. With a host of platforms and methods to drive new engagement and reach, there are numerous ways in which you can grow your business online. The following represent three simple ways to approach that process.

Leveraging Social Media

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Oftentimes, the most effective way to address your business’ online marketing is to invest time and energy into its social media presence. Social media is the most direct way to engage with an audience of interested parties, and often the first port of call for potential consumers to learn more about your business, its offerings and its contact information. Social media marketing is a field entirely of its own, but creating a cohesive brand identity and posting regularly is a start to increasing engagement and expanding your reach.

Optimising Your Website

Your website is at once your catalogue, shop front and customer service desk. Helping your customers navigate it will increase your chances of a sale while nailing the visual aspect can engage new customers. This is especially evident in the online gaming industry, where sites have adopted best practices for engaging customers old and new. One such example is Buzz Bingo, a website that offers a variety of online bingo and slot games for its user base to play. The site is laid out clearly, with banners at the top of the page advertising sign-in bonuses and special offers; the games themselves are accessible via a series of eye-catching interactive tiles displaying their artwork. The site is easy to navigate, and a prominent menu header directs new visitors on where to join straight away–an example of effective marketing whereby every part of the page serves a function, whether directing a prospective player to a page or informing them on how to play.

Email and Incentive Marketing

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Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways to market your product or service to customers. The average return-on-investment for a given email marketing campaign is around 3500%. Email contacts represent a captive audience and one that often self-selects. Users might sign up for a mailing list in the process of creating an account on your website, meaning people that have already spent or intend to spend money with your business have volunteered their contact information. This increases the chance of spurring a repeat purchase through email marketing.

With the high reward of email marketing, one key way to market your business further is to expand your contact list. An impactful way to do that lies in incentive marketing. Incentive marketing is any form of a campaign that incentivises customers or potential customers to complete an action. The referral bonus is one such example, a limited offer you extend to customers in return for recommending a friend to your business. Incentive marketing strategies such as the referral bonus or loyalty program can be effective ways to grow your mailing list, and further increase your reach.

Marketing is a complicated field, and not one which will be intimately understood after a short period of research. However, the ideas shared here represent a jumping-off point for new and smaller businesses – some simple suggestions ahead of investing in a serious marketing strategy.

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