5 reasons why effective employment screening is essential for businesses today

Thorough employment screening is a must, particularly if you run a business where staff regularly come into contact with vulnerable individuals or are put into potentially dangerous situations. 

You want to know all about who you are employing, so you can get the right people in the right roles. After all, the staff are the heartbeat of any successful business organisation. 

So, you will need to ensure screening checks look into things like previous criminal convictions, police cautions, the directorship check, or if they are on the children’s barred list. You will of course need the candidate’s permission before you seek the services of a screening provider to carry out these thorough background screening checks. 

But, why is effective employment screening essential for businesses today? Here we go a bit further into 6 reasons that help to explain why employ screening is so important for businesses nowadays.

To create a positive company culture

All great company cultures emanate from all workers, at all levels, feeling valued and appreciated by their employer. In a 2019 survey, 66% of UK adult workers said they saw company culture as playing a more important role in their job satisfaction than the salary. 

So, during the screening side of the recruitment process, it is crucial to make sure you select staff who align nicely with your company’s mission and values. That way, you should find yourself having individuals working for you that really get your vision and purpose and feel an indispensable part of the team.

In short, good recruitment and screening is a great recipe for cultivating a positive company culture. Also, be sure to go the extra mile and offer benefits that help to optimise employee wellbeing such as therapy sessions, generous holidays, team building days, and private healthcare.

To keep your staff retention levels high

Effective employment screening will help to keep your staff turnover rate relatively low. You certainly don’t want a revolving merry-go-round of staff coming in and out of your doors, that will only make a mockery of your business and give the impression that your staff are poorly managed.   

Being particularly choosey and selective and who you interview and ultimately hire on your books should help to ensure you get individuals on board who you feel will be a decent long-term fix for your positions. 

It is fine to be picky when recruiting new staff. However, discrimination when recruiting is not okay, and remember that there are stringent laws on employee discrimination in this country. 

To help protect people, property, and goods

Employing staff with the right attitude and who are upstanding citizens will help to protect the rest of your workforce, the public, and also any property or goods. For instance, when employing a security guard to look after a warehouse with people’s valuable goods, you will want to double-check they don’t have any previous unspent convictions for things like theft or robbery. 

Are you recruiting for a role where new recruits will have everyday content with vulnerable members of the public, such as the disabled or elderly? In that case, robust screening will be part of your recruiting process to ensure that you protect others. 

Looking out for a reliable screening service to help strengthen your vetting procedures? Take a look at Secure Screening Services, an efficient professional employment screening provider that uses the latest digital screening technology to offer you comprehensive packages, quick turnaround times, and competitive rates. 

To keep customer satisfaction levels high

Communicating with staff, whether in person, via email, or online chats,  will often be the first interaction a customer has with your brand. So, get your screening right and hire the right people to ensure this interaction is a good one and your company manages to impress!

Having staff who exude excellent customer service skills when interacting with customers helps to boost customer satisfaction rates. Happy customers tend to return and stay local to your brand.

To continue improving your reputation

Your reputation as a brand will skyrocket or take a dip depending on your staff. So, screening properly in the recruitment process can also ensure that your reputations remains strong, and customers and business competitors respect your brand and the company values your employees uphold. 

You get out what you put into it when it comes to treating staff well and getting the right people on board with you. Thereby, adequate staff screening ensures your company’s reputation is able to stay in good tact.

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