5 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your LED Neon Sign

If you have a LED neon sign for your business, you will have to practice proper maintenance. The sign should be clean and neat to convey the message to clients. Implement these easy tips to ensure your sign lasts and serves you for a significant time. Echo Neon offers both pre-designed and custom options for LED neon signs.

Hang it in A Proper Location

Before buying the neon sign from a seller like a sketch and etch, you probably have a designated installation place in mind. Always ensure this place is safe. An LED neon sign is delicate since it contains glass tubes. You will have to hang out of people’s way. Alternatively, you can buy the neon bar and install it in a place other can’t bump on. An ideal location should be an area free from external elements, including extreme heat and water. Do this to avoid disasters and accidents.

Careful Cleaning

You will have to clean your neon sign from time to time. The signs acquire dust, and so they need cleaning. You’d better switch the lights off when cleaning. If you have hanged the signage in a high place, unplug it to make the cleaning easier. So how do you clean it?

Take a rug and use it to remove all the dust build-up. You can also use a brush from the glass tubes. If your LED neon sign is filthy, you’ll have to clean it thoroughly. After unplugging it, take warm water, add cleaning agents and wipe the tubes. But ensure these detergents don’t contain harmful chemicals like ammonia which destroys the tubes by peeling the paint. After cleaning, take a towel, wipe and then plug back the sign.

Take Utmost Care When Handling

Creators of neon signs use glass tubes, and these are fragile. The tubes have gas, and so you must take utmost care when handling the sign. Immediately you receive your LED sign shipment, unwrap, check the tubes and confirm there are no cracks. Plug it carefully, considering it’s fragile. Any time you want to move the signage, remember the glass tubes and handle them carefully.

Unplug Only When Necessary

Plugging and unplugging your LED neon sign does more harm than good. When you unplug the sign, you’ll have to switch its light off. Your action causes wear and tear on the signage transformer.

When you don’t tamper with the sign, it will serve you for long. But if you have to, only unplug when repairing or cleaning. Don’t worry about the energy costs if you leave your sign switched on. This equipment is efficient since they use little electricity to operate.

Ensure Your Signs are Free from Bugs

Bugs are attracted to light, and that’s why you will find them on the signs. Whether your LED signage is indoors or outdoors, bugs can attack them. If you don’t get rid of these pests, they will destroy your lights. The bugs’ colonies grow, which makes the signs unappealing.

Many bugs will block the light view, and you will also have to frequently clean the signs if there is an infestation. You can either install electric bug zappers to help control these pests.

Proper maintenance of your LED signs will make them last for long. And you don’t have to sweat to take care of this equipment well. Avoid plugging and unplugging and maintain general cleanliness once you buy them from a vendor like a sketch and etch.

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