What are the most popular sports to bet on in the UK?

According to the latest report by UK’s gambling Commission, sports betting remain the most popular gambling activity among players, with almost 35% of the money spent in online betting as well as in physical establishments. Casino games come second at 27% (online and on location) with the National Lottery in 3rd place at 22.3%. But what are the most popular sports players like to bet on?

The choice of Bookmaker

When you decide to place bets on sports, the first thing you need to do is to find the right bookmaker. The most important element to look for is its reputation. A good one, like bookmaker Betiton, will be well known on the market, trusted by a large group of players, therefore eliminating the risk of payment problems. As well, a high-level bookmaker like this one will allow its players to bet on several verticals. It should also be accessible through multiple devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). After you have successfully joined a bookmaker that meets your requirements, you should start placing bets. Also, you should try alabama sports betting and different sports until you find the one that works best for you.

When betting on sports, players all want the same thing: minimize their own risk and maximize revenue. That is why they look for low margins and high maximums. Keep a close look at maximum bets, maximum winnings and also at the odds offered so that they are competitive. Simply put: the higher these parameters will be, the better your chances of winning.

If you are thinking of using any betting introductory offers that bookmakers give to new players, just make sure to understand how they work first. It’s common to hear of players thinking they’ve won when using an offer, only for the winnings to be confiscated due to the terms and conditions not being followed. You can read more about betting introductory offers on Bonuses.org which explains them in greater detail.

Football: Way Ahead of the Competition

When it comes to betting in the UK, no other sport comes close to football. It gathers close to 47% of the total money spent by players. The only other sport with a percentage in the double digit is horse racing, coming in a little over 27%. The sports that follow are, in order of importance: tennis, virtuals, dogs, crickets and golf.

popular sports to bet on

Source: bookmaker Betiton

It shouldn’t be a surprise that football is the number one game players like to bet on. The Premier League is the most important football league in the world and UK players often have sentimental attachment to their favourite team, which adds to the excitement of betting. It is also possible to bet on the various other leagues around the world, including the two other most popular ones behind the UK, which are La Liga (Spain) and La Lega (Italy). Finally, there is the Champions League tournament, which is very popular for all players to wage their money on, especially when it includes teams from UK’s Premier League.

Source: Gambling Industry Statistics 2019 (UK Gambling Commission)

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