8 Reasons Why Sim Only Deals are Perfect for SMEs

Many small and medium business owners would agree that one of the best ways to keep your personal and professional life separate is to get a different phone for your business. A separate phone gives you the chance to switch it off at the end of the day and enjoy a complete break from your business on the evenings and weekends without clients calling you at unsociable hours or receiving texts on your day off that you feel obliged to answer to. You can even reroute urgent calls to your mobile phone so that you don’t miss essential contact but get to maintain your work-life balance with everything else. If you’re considering getting a separate mobile phone handset for your business, here are some of the best reasons to consider a SIM-only deal.

More Flexibility:

Opting for one of the best SIM-only deals gives you much more flexibility compared to a standard mobile contract. With Lebara’s affordable SIM only plans, you only pay for the month, and each month you have the option to switch to a different plan without charge if you wish. Lebara’s option is a great idea for business owners who might need to use their business mobile more often at certain months of the year, for example, if you run a seasonable business. And since you’re not tied into a contract, you’ve got the chance to shop around more and compare SIM-only deals to make sure that you’re always getting the best value.

Save Money:

Since you’re not covering the cost of a mobile handset like you would with a traditional contract, SIM-only deals are a great way for small to medium business owners to save more money. You can use your old personal handset as your business phone if you still have it or opt to buy a cheap mobile handset from eBay or Facebook Marketplace instead of paying for a brand-new one. Shopping around to purchase a second-hand handset paired with a SIM-only deal can save you a significant amount of money compared to getting a lengthy business contract, and thanks to the added flexibility you can save even more. It’s a great option for business owners who are on a tight budget and want to save as much money as possible.

Make International Calls:

If you have international clients, suppliers, or partners, you may need a business mobile that allows you to make international calls cheaply. While it’s definitely easier these days to contact people overseas thanks to VoIP calling and online video conferencing, there might be times where you need to make a quick phone call. When it comes to the SIM-only plans you can choose from, there are various options that include a certain number of call minutes to countries around the world. For example, when you sign up with Lebara, you’ll get a certain amount of minutes included for making calls to mobile and landline numbers in forty-one countries around the world.

Keep Your Existing Handset:

If you’ve already got a business mobile and like the handset that you’re using, there’s no need to upgrade it if you’ve come to the end of your contract period. But, don’t pay over the odds to stay in your contract when you are no longer tied in. Those who like the business smartphone handset that they are currently using can continue to use it for much less thanks to SIM-only plans. You may need to check that your handset is unlocked before you can switch it over to a different network; your current network should be able to do this for you for a small fee or in some cases free of charge. You can also port your existing business number over to another mobile network using a PAC code that you can request from your current network.

Beat the Competitive Mobile Market:

The problem with regular smartphone contracts is that since the mobile market is so competitive, what might be the best deal now could be a terrible deal six months down the line. With new mobile handsets being released on an almost constant basis, the value of a mobile handset reduces dramatically over a short period of time. Two years ago, for example, £50-£60 per month might have been a great deal for the iPhone XR – but since the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have been released, £60 a month for an iPhone XR seems ludicrous. But if you got it on contract back then, you would still have to pay that price until the contract is up. That’s why it makes a lot more sense to opt for a SIM-only plan which allows you to be more flexible with the handset that you use and ensure that you’re not paying more than you need to for your phone months down the line.

Generous Deals are Available:

In the past, standard contract deals were the norm and if you wanted a package with enough texts, minutes and data to keep your business running smoothly, the majority of SIM-only deals would have not offered enough. But as SIM-only deals have become much more popular over time, there is now a much wider range of generous packages available. It’s not uncommon to find affordable SIM-only deals that offer completely unlimited minutes, texts and data that is perfect for the busy business owner who needs to be able to communicate with others on a regular basis and use online services without worrying about the cost.

No Commitment:

No matter how long you’ve been running your business and doing well, you can simply never predict exactly what’s going to happen. Take this year, for example, where COVID19 suddenly left many previously successful businesses struggling when they were no longer allowed to open to the public. Since there’s no commitment involved with a SIM-only deal, they are a great way to get more peace of mind when it comes to your business costs. If for any reason in the future your business is in a situation where you need to keep costs down as low as possible, quickly switching from a £25 per month SIM-only plan to one that’s £5 per month or less can be done in just a few simple steps.

It’s a Great Option for Employees:

If your company is providing business smartphone handsets to employees, SIM-only deals are a fantastic alternative to a standard mobile contract. This allows you to save money on what can be a very large expense by shopping around to get cheaper handsets for your employees and putting them on affordable SIM-only plans that are flexible and can be adjusted as and when needed. For example, if you have employees who sometimes travel for business, you can easily adjust their SIM-only plan to one that’s more accommodating for making calls and using the internet when abroad, before switching it back once they are back home. This can help you avoid any unnecessary additional costs and make your workforce costs much more manageable.

Whether you’re looking for a new business phone deal for you or for your employees, there are several reasons why SIM-only deals are quickly becoming the best option for small to medium companies in the UK today.

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