5 Tips for Choosing a Professional CV Writing Service

Updating and creating a completely new CV is a long process that’s often stressful. In this case, you are trying your level best to meet the job market requirements, which can be unclear when you don’t know what the hiring managers are looking for.

That’s why most new job seekers opt for the professional CV writing service. There are multiple resume writing services on the internet that you can use to develop a well-written CV. Here are five tips for choosing a professional CV writing service. 

Read the customer reviews

Most of the customer reviews are based on the services they have gotten from the CV writing services. Customer reviews are important because they provide crucial information on the kind of work provided by the professional CV writing service.

That’s why you need to browse the web and search for the different available customer reviews. What are the customers saying about the services offered to them? The reviews must be from popular third-party sites where customers can leave their comments.

There are a lot of scam sites that fake up reviews to attract more customers and cloud your judgment when choosing the best service. Also, learn how to identify fake reviews on the internet easily. You can also reach out to your network and see if any member has ever used that writing service.

Consider the location

When choosing a professional CV writing service, you need to consider where the writing service is located. Are the professionals conversant with the trends in the job market? Different countries have disparate ways of how the CVs are written. Most of the professional CV writing services are outsourcing cheap employees from different countries to make a huge profits.

So, it isn’t easy to understand whether you are dealing with someone who understands the job description that you are applying for or not. It’s no surprise to find a company contracting a non-native English speaker to write a resume that requires sensitive information as per the specifications of the US employers.

To ensure that the service provider you are dealing with is from your preferred country, try contacting the customer care desk for more information. If the customer care doesn’t receive their phone to verify the country’s location, that should be a red flag.

Understand the process

Different CV writing service providers have different ways of writing CVs. Some will give a questionnaire for you to fill out and then give out a CV within the shortest time possible. In this case, you need to be very keen to ensure that all details are captured correctly.

The only and the best way to get a quality CV is by collaborating with the writer. As a result, you will emphasize the instructions clearly and get the revision done on the essay as often as possible to get quality work. There should be proper communication links between the two of you to facilitate the revisions effectively.

If the professional CV writing service doesn’t offer revision for the parts that are not well-written, that should be a red flag. Your writer should also be in a good position to format and optimize the CV for the ATS screening. That’s the only way it will pass the early stages of the screening process before a human reads it.

Look for writer qualifications

Instead of giving your work out anyhow, you need to understand the kind of services you will get. Here, you need to consider the writer’s qualifications that will handle your resume. Do they have a well-established profile with reviews and samples of the work they have done before?

If the service provider doesn’t provide the profiles of the writers’ qualifications, that should be a red flag. There are still outsourced writers who can write excellent content, but most of them sometimes fail and do not understand what the employers of your country are expecting. 

The choice of words should show some level of positivity in your CV because that’s the kind of attitude every employer would be looking for. Sometimes you can check from professional sites whether there are quality writers that work for them. This will ensure that you have chosen the best writer to handle your resume effectively.

Check for time and pricing

Not all professional CV writing services have the same turnaround time for the work you would like to do on the CV. Most of them will indicate their turnaround timings on their sites depending on the available workflow.

In most cases, the turnaround ranges from 24-hour to about one week. So, you have to consider the time you have and the time that they indicate that the resume will be complete.

If you have enough time to wait for the resume, you can still wait for weeks to have a quality CV. The turnaround should also be sensible with the prices that are listed. If you have to wait for long and the service offered is expensive, it will be better to consider another service provider.


Hiring a professional CV writing service seems more expensive than just writing your CV, but the benefit of using professional experts is undoubtful. There are numerous legitimate options that you can hire a writer from to collaborate on your CV writing. Following the above tips will ensure that you have chosen the best professional CV writing service to handle your document.  


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