What do Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers mean in online Slots?

Slot machines have been around for more than a century now and have undergone some major changes throughout that time. The advent of electronic games and the shift to online play both encouraged developers to experiment with the core Slots gameplay and create fresh twists on the classic formula.

There are plenty of additional features that have been added to slot games over the years, but we’re just going to focus on three of them today. Understanding the function of wilds, scatters and multipliers allows players to better understand their options when looking to play a game of Virgin Bet online Slots, for example.


First up, wild symbols are now one of the most common features found in online slot games. Put simply, a wild is a symbol that can act as a substitute for other symbols on the reels. This allows players to complete winning combinations that would otherwise fall short.

So, if there are matching symbols in four positions on a payline and a wild appears in the final position, then this still counts as a winning combination. It’s a simple but powerful mechanic.

In some slot games, there are variations on wilds that offer extra features. Expanding wilds can cover an entire reel, for example, increasing the chances of completing a winning combination.


These are another possible symbol that can turn up on the reels. Scatters are different from other symbols in one key way – they don’t need to line up on a payline.

As long as the required number of scatter symbols appear across the reels, they will trigger a payout, no matter where they appear.

But that’s just the basic variation of scatters, which can have different features and effects depending on the game. In some games, they also function as wild symbols, while in others they act as multipliers or triggers for additional features like free spins.


One of the most powerful features in modern slot games, multipliers have the potential to boost the value of any winning combinations. They do just what they say on the tin!

Not all Slots feature multipliers, but those that do will feature set multiples that can be applied to a player’s winnings if activated. Some of the most typical multipliers are x3, x5 and x10 – most games will list their potential multipliers.

Sometimes multipliers are tied to other symbols – like wilds – or they may simply appear as their own symbol on the reels. It’s always worth checking how any multipliers work on a slot game before playing.

Each of these features is found in many online Slots. The dawn of digital slot reels allowed for these additional symbols to be added to the mix and shake up the typical slot formula.

Wilds, scatters and multipliers all work to add an extra dimension to Slots, offering players the potential for higher payouts and increasing the chances of landing a winning combination. Features like these help to set online slot games apart from the one-armed bandits of old.

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