Comparing Gambling Addiction Rates Between Men and Women

Gambling addiction is a serious issue and should be taken seriously. People who visit casinos are often able to control their actions, but that’s not the case for everyone. When you look at the gambling rates between men and women, there are stark differences. The data here reveals that many factors contribute to this gap

Online Gambling in Norway has Been on the Rise

Studies show that 67.9% of Norwegians gambled in 2006. This rate is partly due to the rise in online gambling, with sites like norske nettcasino promoting various online casinos.

Norway’s laws have contributed to the increase in online gambling. Norway has banned all private casinos, so Norwegian residents have resorted to online gambling.

Are Norwegian Males More Prone to Gambling Addiction?

Alexandra Nereng, an expert on gambling addiction, states that males are more susceptible to falling into a casino addiction. You can visit our guest author’s profile.

Studies have shown that pathological gambling is much more likely to occur in males than females. In Norway, 2.79% of pathological gamblers are male, whereas 0.69% are female. 

This gender gap is seen as early as ages 13-19. Interestingly, males have a higher interest in gambling at early ages, even before they can gamble legally. This fact makes you wonder if it’s nature or nurture that’s causing this gap.

Why do More Men Develop a Gambling Addiction?

The Public Health Agency of Sweden found that males have a higher relapse rate than females. The data shows that males generally take more risks than females when it comes to gambling. Although this is the case, first-time gamblers don’t vary much by gender.

You can see that although men gamble for the first time as much as women, men gamble more frequently. This statement may suggest that men carry more risk factors than women.

Evidence suggests that higher testosterone is linked to higher financial risks. Since males have more testosterone than women, you can see how males are tied to problematic gambling.

Higher testosterone is also linked to impulsive behaviour. When you combine impulsive behaviour and financial risk-taking, it’s easy to plunge into a casino gambling addiction. 

More Men Self-Proclaim a Gambling Problem

When asked, “Do you think you have problems due to your gambling?” more men responded, “yes.” This finding shows that although more men are self-aware of their gambling problem, they still lack the discipline necessary to stop. 

While men admit their gambling problem, women are more inclined to seek help for somebody else. For instance, if your partner had a gambling issue, a woman would be more likely to get addiction support for her partner than a man.

What Gambling Activities are Most Popular Between the Sexes?

According to The Guardian, women are more likely to bet on bingo and lotteries, whereas men are more likely to bet on sports events and horse races. 

Bingo and lotteries are based purely on luck, while sports betting depends on the bettors’ judgment. Women prefer chance-based games, and men like to have some control over their betting choice.

As you age, gambling participation decreases among men and decreases slower among women. This fact can be attributed to testosterone decreasing among men. As you age, your appetite to gamble dwindles. These factors explain the decrease in gambling rates between men and women.

The same study looked into problematic gambling among men and women in deprived areas. Women’s gambling rates remain the same in the most deprived areas, while men’s gambling rates decline the less deprived the location is.

Use these casino gambling addiction statistics to be aware of the seriousness of gambling addiction.

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