Best Ways To Make Real Money Online 

If you’re interested in making more money from gambling, or simply in need of some quick cash, you’ve come to the right place. There are several methods to go about this –– either free plays to win or pay-to-play methods. However, it should be noted that the best high reward methods are pay-to-play methods, as they provide bigger wins. Whichever method you choose, here are some of the best places to play online.

In this article, I break down the best cost-efficient pay-to-play methods to win the best potential jackpots. These methods are tried and tested and are all accessible to the majority. Try them all, or pick two or three of your favorite tips and tricks! 

Online Poker

Poker, unlike many other gambling games, is a game of skill. Though there is some luck involved, players often deceive, bluff, and wing their way to victory by outsmarting their opponents. There is a multitude of games and tournaments in online poker that are beginner-friendly –– low-level cash games and small poker tournaments, for example –– hence, there’s no pressure for you to be a professional-level player, to begin with. 

Additionally, online poker is a great way for beginners to learn and develop their poker skills. There are so many rookie players signing up for poker every day, so even if you’ve only had college experience, you’re probably better than a quarter of these poker players online! 

Plus, you’re able to choose what game you want to participate in, whether you prefer to bet big or small. There are cash games that allow you to win several hundred dollars by cleaning your opponents out, and tournaments with a prize pool worth tens of thousands. There are even freeroll poker tournaments that allow free plays with real-money prizes!

Online Lotteries

Free online lotteries allow players to enter free-of-charge, and offer jackpots amounting to $10,000 to $20,000. These lotteries are often sponsored, hence players have to be agreeable to watch advertisements and receive promotional emails upon participation. Most of these games offer daily games and weekly draws. Additionally, players can try participating in free scratch card games, where gamblers can win cash prizes instantly by matching three or more symbols. 

On the contrary, paid online lotteries can offer gamblers more opportunities to earn much bigger jackpots. Players seeking to earn real money are encouraged to participate in online lotteries, where they can purchase a ticket (ranging from $0.50 to a few dollars) to stand a chance to win millions of dollars. 

Unlike online poker, lotteries heavily depend on the element of chance and luck. There are hardly any strategies to win money instantly –– the only way is to buy a ticket, and hope for the best.

making money gambling

No-Deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses often come in the form of free promotions offered by online casinos to lure you in and are one of the best ways to win money instantly. Though the majority of these bonuses tend to be small (eg. $10 or $20), players still stand a chance to win massive jackpots worth tens of thousands. 

However, no-deposit businesses almost always have hidden terms and conditions to be met. For example, players are able to use no-deposit businesses on normal slot machines, but not on progressive jackpot slots (see below!). Additionally, players are required to meet the minimum wagering requirements, such as betting the bonus and winnings several times, before they are able to withdraw their winnings. Players are able to meet this easily by betting small on high RTP slots until they hit the minimum threshold to withdraw.

This is a great way for players to win free money instantly, without having to spend a single dollar. The only downside to it is that the casino often limits how much winnings a player can withdraw at once.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Of all the options listed above, these progressive jackpot slots are the best way to earn the largest potential returns for a small bet. This is the most cost-effective yet high reward method because progressive jackpot slots possess a collective jackpot, accumulated through cutting a percentage off every bet made on that game. This collective jackpot can climb as high as several tens of millions, free for anyone who can win it. 

However, progressive jackpot slots are not free and require a deposit of at least $10 –– a small price to pay for the opportunity to win millions in return. Here are several progressive jackpot games that you can try: 

Hall of Gods, NetEnt’s best progressive jackpot slot, offers multiple progressive jackpots with free spins, expanding wilds, and a pick-and-win feature. One win from Hall of God’s massive jackpot can turn you into an instant millionaire!

Similarly, Mega Moolah by Microgaming features a nature-themed slot machine with four progressive jackpots, 3x multipliers, and a free spin bonus round. The best part? It offers a mega jackpot that starts at $1 million –– that’s the least you can win!

Lastly, Gladiator by Playtech has a free spin bonus with 3x multipliers and a jackpot bonus round, which features a massive pot worth up to several million!

making money gambling

Trading Cryptocurrencies

You may have heard of the elusive cryptocurrency, and its explosive trading history, fueled by its surge in popularity within the financial market. If you play your cards right, trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is one way to earn big money. 

One way to trade cryptocurrency is to use Bitcoin casinos with faucets. You’re given Satoshis, a small Bitcoin amount which you can start building money with. Once you’ve earned enough money with Satoshis, you’re able to cash out and withdraw your earnings. 


With our guide, I hope that you’ve learned several methods to help you earn money online instantly. Be it pay-to-play or no-pay methods, there’s always an option for someone. 

However, do remember not to get carried away and practice safe online gambling etiquette. It’s easy to get lost in the momentum of things and fall prey to scammers, fraudulent companies, and cheaters. Hence, one should protect themselves by always remaining alert for any dishonest actions or irresponsible behavior. 

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