What is PPC and how does it work?

Have you ever let Google persuade you to purchase a product? Have you ever chosen the first option that appears while surfing on a search engine? You’ve had some firsthand experience with PPC advertisements if you answered yes.

This information will address any questions you have about PPC and what it may accomplish for your business, whether you’re a novice or an expert.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an internet advertising model in which businesses pay to have their advertisements displayed on a platform, such as Google. Pay Per Click implies that only when the ad is clicked on does the business pay the platform anything.

PPC is a method of marketing that involves paying for the opportunity to post short snippets of text on your website. In other words, it’s about paying a fee in order to have a stream of quick hits sent to your site rather than waiting for organic traffic (which is more time-consuming/less targeted).

How does it work?

The main aim of a PPC ad is to attract a user right away. Once they’ve clicked on the ad, they’ll be taken to a targeted landing page, which will hopefully turn them into a customer for a specific item or service. However, in order to achieve success with a Pay Per Click campaign, you must have consistent PPC management to work on the campaigns on a regular basis to optimise ad spend, exposure, and more.

But, how can a company earn the top ad placement? The site will be selected to occupy this space based on their keywords, ad quality, and bidding amount.

The role of keywords

The great thing about PPC marketing is that you have complete control over who sees your ads. This helps to avoid irrelevant individuals, concentrating instead on those who are genuinely interested and will convert.

Negative keywords are used in PPC advertising to prevent undesirable or irrelevant visitors.

Negative keywords are a list of terms or phrases that aren’t relevant to your PPC campaign. These are words and phrases that aren’t relevant to your campaign – your ad will be of no value to people searching for it. Negative keywords can be used to prevent the search engine from ranking your ad for these terms.

What are the popular different types of PPC?

Search Ads

The most common form of paid search advertising is ads. They tend to appear above organic results and are identified by a little box on the side that says “Ad.” This sort of ad has no images; rather, it’s simply text with commercial, service, product listings, and links to unique content.

Google Shopping

Users may see advertisements for items that are ready to be purchased based on their searches. These sorts of advertising are useful for promoting particular goods because they eliminate many stages of the buyer’s journey, which might be causing problems. Users generally know what they’re searching for when it comes to Google Shopping Ads – they just need to know who to buy from.

Display Ads

A Display Ad is a type of advertisement that uses visual banners with pictures, text, animations, or videos. These advertisements are generally seen on websites or applications and target individuals who have previously looked for a comparable product or service.


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