How Can We Combat the Health & Safety Risks Associated with Engineering?

If you’re a business owner or you are the person responsible for the business’s health and safety, then you come to the right article. Out of the many different risks associated with the engineering industry, health and safety encompass the highest risk to our employees. With that being said, we must do all we can to protect our employees and our business in turn. Interested? Keep reading to find out how we can combat the health and safety risks associated with engineering.

Identify hazards

Like any business, the engineering industry is full of risks and hazards; these can be either related to the business, the job itself or the site your team are working at. It is very important to identify these risks before any work is carried out. Simply identifying risk acts as a preventative measure to ensure that no employee or client is harmed in the working progress.

Carry out risk assessments

Once we have identified the hazards, it then becomes your duty to carry out a risk assessment. After the risks have been identified, you can then put measures in place to prevent them from happening. A risk assessment is defined as the process of evaluating the risks in place that could be involved in an activity or the risks associated with a site or business premise. Tackling this now before it’s too late will allow you to combat any health and safety risks.

Educate and train your team

Everyone has a part to play when it comes to health and safety, especially in such a particularly risky industry such as engineering. You should take time out to educate your team about the possible hazards associated with different jobs and train them in tackling the risks. It’s also worthy to let them know about the measures put in place to combat the risks. To help with this, we recommend sending your team on a health and safety awareness course to ensure your team are being trained by the experts.

Have an emergency rescue team

You should aim to have an emergency rescue team on site all the time. As there are many site risks with engineering, many of them are unpredictable. This is why we have to prepare for the unexpected and training a few employees to make up a rescue team is the perfect opportunity to do so. When it comes to risk, we cannot always rely on the emergency services to come to our rescue immediately. Therefore, having trained persons ready to tackle whatever happens will keep your team safe.

Insure your business

The engineering industry is one of the many trades that legally require business insurance. There are many different types of policies available, but it is highly recommended that you seek advice on which one to purchase for your business requirements. This will keep your business and employees covered if anything was to happen.

How do you approach health and safety risks in your engineering business?

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