P2V Systems: Next Generation Protection for your Business

Stephen McCann, MD at P2V SystemsStephen McCann, MD at P2V Systems explains the importance of network security for your business and the benefits a Palo Alto Networks solution can provide.

Very often in business there are certain buzz words that appear, linger for a while and then get forgotten about.

Unfortunately, ‘cyberthreats’ has not been one of them. And it’s never likely to be either, not with these threats increasing in number and sophistication.

Regardless of size, businesses need to arm themselves with the best protection from these threats. This shouldn’t mean complex software installations and cumbersome processes to manage them.

It simply needs to be a network security solution that is designed from the outset to enable the safe use of the applications and technologies required to support your business.

The solution must also be capable and flexible enough to protect against a wide range of ever-growing cyberthreats, regardless of the users’ location and without any drop in performance.

Network security is responsible for controlling which traffic is able to enter, transit and exit a computing environment, with the firewall being the first line of defence.

Even if your business already has a network security solution implemented, it is important to ensure that this is doing an effective job. Legacy security solutions still depend on methods and technologies designed for the threats of yesterday when network traffic mainly consisted of email, web and a number of business applications.

With an eye always firmly on new technology and solutions that can optimise and protect our customers IT systems with a cost effective result, we are delighted to announce we have just become a Palo Alto Networks Partner.

The Palo Alto Networks security platform is a truly innovative platform providing next generation, enterprise level security. We are excited by the new network security solutions we can provide to our customers in partnership with Palo Alto Networks.

By utilising real-time threat protection and prevention, our customers will benefit from the latest cybersecurity defence and the peace of mind that this brings.

Many older firewalls and security solutions have failed to keep pace with changes to applications, threats, user requirements and infrastructure. As a result they are incapable of reliably deciphering between “good” and “bad” traffic.

To counteract current and on-going threats, the Palo Alto Networks next generation security platform safely enables the modern applications required to operate your business successfully, whilst protecting against all types of cyber threats, both known and unknown. The solution delivers this level of protection without impacting on your systems performance and is both highly scalable and cost effective.

If you would like to know more about your network security options, visit www.p2vsystems.com.

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