The clock is ticking: time is running out: act now before it’s too late – and other helpful cliches

The deadline for the Northern Ireland 40 under 40 is 5pm on March 31st 2019 – this Sunday!

It is traditional to shout cliches at this stage of any Award process. We like to show you clocks with the hands approaching midnight or big signs that say ‘Time is running out’. They’re designed to get you excited, nervous about missing the deadline and generally active to make your nomination in time.

Here at Business First we do things a little differently. We like to keep calm and nominate, rather than shout and rant.

But nevertheless,

  • time is indeed running out:
  • the clock is ticking and
  • the deadline ‘looms’!

So if you are thinking about nominating somebody in your organisation – or even yourself – for what is one of Northern Ireland’s best loved Awards, then you need to sharpen your pencil and get to work today – right now! Right here

Thank you



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