Your office should help power your imagination

The French have a concept called ‘boreout’ – it’s like burnout, but it isn’t caused by doing too much work, says Nadin Spang, Fujitsu.

It happens when your work and your office do not inspire you. In the past, many people just put up with being bored and unfulfilled. But all the evidence shows that Millennials can’t and won’t. They want to work for companies that inspire them and free them to work how, when and where they choose.

It’s the only way to attract and retain the best people. The most creative, hard-working, and committed talents. The office space itself has to reflect their skills, desires, ambitions and their personalities. That’s what the Future Workplace initiative we’ve been working on at Fujitsu with our partners is all about: putting human needs and aspirations at the centre of the workplace. For me it’s been an inspiring project.

It made me think about how and where I want to work each day. I want flexibility. Technology can offer me that to a certain extent: the right and secure devices like our LIFEBOOK U7 series with integrated Palm Vein Sensor enable me to work from home, on the move, and in the office. But, the spaces on offer have to be more than just functional: they have to be truly human.

Not so long ago, we produced a Spotlight on the Future Workplace called Not because you have to, but because you want toThe process of creating it was fascinating. We asked Fujitsu specialists and close partners like Waldmann, Fraunhofer, Haworth, Nvidia, and Bosch, to tell us about how they’re working to make office spaces more human. It covers everything from making spaces totally flexible to ensuring that each space is supported by intelligent systems that help people focus on their tasks, be they analytical or creative. It also covers the rising use of Virtual Reality to foster teamwork on a global scale.

That last point inspired me the most. I work with a widely distributed team, and it’s important that we feel that we’re a close group of professionals. We can’t meet in person too often, but we can use digital technology to share ideas on large screens for example our ESPRIMO MRE solutions together with the FUJITSU Display XL-55 touch and use video and audio conferencing to ensure we can work as a group.

But, the next stage will be Virtual Reality. I’m really looking forward to VR making its mark on the modern office. As Andy Hendry from Nvidia shows in the Spotlight, the rapid improvement in bandwidth and VR quality means that team members wearing headsets in widely dispersed locations like – in my team’s case, Japan, America, Germany, Britain, Australia, and India, can get together and feel like they’re actually in the same room. We all see each other, and we’re all sitting in the ‘same’ room. Only it’s virtual. Our brains get used to the idea and, within a few minutes, we feel like we really are in the same room. That fosters a great team spirit, and it means we’re more productive and creative. It’s a VR win-win.

Fujitsu’s human-centric approach empowers people to build a more connected society that raises wellbeing for all through our Future Workplace solutions. We have a lot of technologies which support the human elements that will be the foundation of the future workplace. Read the Spotlight, it really is an eye-opener. It’ll help you believe in a workplace that can power your imagination. You’ll never be bored at work again!

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