Van Gaal best candidate to lead United, says Roger Gilpin

Roger Gilpin; Gilpin Executive SearchDutchman Louis Van Gaal is best suited to be the next Manchester United manager according to Roger Gilpin of one Northern Ireland’s leading executive search companies.

Gilpin reached their conclusion by utilising three commonly used basics of assessing a candidate’s fitness for a specific job, they are:

  • Competence – based on a track record of results
  • Motivation – is this the right time in their career, will it present an appropriate challenge or will other commitments stand in their way
  • Fit – will they fit with the corporate structure and work well with others currently within the company

Roger Gilpin, Partner at Gilpin, said: “We have a great deal of experience in placing senior executives in leading roles across the economy and have scrutinised the top five contenders for the manager’s role at Manchester United.

“The current Dutch national coach Louis Van Gaal has an incredible winning pedigree at the highest level, something that David Moyes lacked.

“Van Gaal’s teams play an attractive attacking style of football that United fans yearn but has been sadly lacking this year. He is also a formidable character, similar to Sir Alex Ferguson, who has no time for prima donnas and who is focused on the team – he is a leader.

“In terms of a fit, Van Gaal has blooded players at Barcelona and Munich who are now excelling and it is no coincidence that both clubs are competing at the highest level now.  This is the United way, bringing young players through the ranks and mixing them with world class signings.

“Aged 62, the urge to manage at the top in the Premiership may be too much for Van Gaal to refuse and we believe he has the all the correct attributes to succeed at United.”

But Roger Gilpin admitted it was a close call between Van Gaal and the Real Madrid boss, Carlo Ancelotti.

“One could argue that Van Gaal’s recent track record isn’t as strong as Carlo Ancelotti who has won more European trophies.

“More diplomatic than his Dutch challenger, Ancelotti has Premiership experience, however he only joined Real Madrid last year and in the short term will feel he has much unfinished business with the Spanish giants.

“In short the timing isn’t right at this stage of his career, aged 54 Ancelotti would make a great future candidate.

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