Tackling changing job interview techniques

Roger-Gilpin-Gilpin-Executive-Search…and why you might need to know why a manhole cover is round for your next interview. 

Partner of Gilpin Executive Recruitment, Roger Gilpin, offers an insight into the changing trends of job interview questions.

“Why is a manhole round?” is an interview question made famous by Microsoft.

It was designed with the intention of gaining insight into how a candidate structures their thoughts in order to answer the questions. By doing so, an interviewer can quickly decipher if you are a logical, creative or an emotional thinker.

As the economy continues its recovery, there are a growing number of opportunities on the job market, and as a result, recruiters are becoming more creative with their interview techniques as a way to test a candidate’s character, ability and suitability for the desired role.

Here are three examples of some increasingly common interview techniques:

Group Interviews. Group interviews are often implemented to directly compare the candidates with each other, to see who works well within a team and to test your interpersonal skills. With this in mind, remember to be as inclusive as possible with the other interviewees to give you a likeability factor.  At the same time, make helpful contributions to any group discussions or tasks, to increase your chances of getting noticed outside of the crowd.

Telephone Interviews. With 55% of human communication relying on body language alone, telephone interviews can be particularly difficult as they solely rely on verbal communication. For this reason, they are usually quick and succinct with the questions often direct and to the point. Practice makes perfect, so try rehearsing the scenario with someone you know, bearing in mind to play to your strengths and keep your answers as intelligent and interesting as possible without rambling. As a general rule of thumb, answers should not exceed two minutes.

Behaviour-Based Interviews:  These interviews are becoming more commonly used to analyse a person’s character to see if it’ll fit in with the office dynamic’s, as well as figuring out the candidates intellect and personality type. Often employers will also ask you to give them an example of how you dealt with and resolved a certain situation. In this instance, a C.A.R response is one of the best techniques to implement. Present to them what the challenge was, the action you took to fix it and what where the results of those actions were.

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