It’s time to go Nutt’s about Renewable energy

Solar-Panels-Northern-IrelandBy Frank McCullagh, Solmatix

Every month, hundreds of homeowners in Northern Ireland are saving a small fortune by switching over to solar panels for energy and wood pellet boilers for heat. That’s the verdict of one of the region’s top renewable energy system installers, Solmatix Renewables. In fact, demand has been such that Solmatix has recently moved to spacious new premises at Nutt’s Corner in county Antrim, which now house the entire Solmatix team and their engineering facilities.

According to Richard Bell, managing director of Solmatix, the reasons for the recent growth in demand for renewables are straightforward: “Consumers are fed up with continual electricity hikes and ever-rising oil and gas prices. Renewable energy not only gives our customers a means of cutting their bills, but of generating free energy into the future and creating substantial income in the process. And with grant income factored in, the systems quickly pay for themselves, usually around five years.”

Wood pellet boilers have seen a massive hike in interest too. Today’s highly efficient models are compact, easy to use and cut about one third off most household heating bills. Plus of course, no more smelly, inconvenient and costly oil tank fills!

So what are the downsides of renewable energy systems? Richard says: “You have to remember that not every home is suitable for Solar panels, plus with both solar and wood pellet boilers, there is an initial capital outlay which may not suit everyone. But ask yourself this. What other investment can you make in your home and your lifestyle that will not only pay for itself and save you money, but will actually have the potential to generate additional income? These are hard economic facts, and we haven’t even touched on the environmental benefits from going renewable, which are very considerable in themselves.”

As Richard points out Solmatix is not alone in this market.

“There are lots of renewable installers out there in Northern Ireland but I don’t know of any that have our focus on quality. We’re an engineering company at heart, so we design and install every system ourselves, using our own teams of trained technicians. Renewable energy is a long term investment with long term returns, and that’s exactly what we deliver.”

If you are interested in finding out more about solar panels or a wood pellet boiler for your home, visit Solar Panels Northern Ireland of the website or call Solmatix today on 028 9082 4000.

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