Save your business even more. Go paperless with Power NI

Power NIPower NI, Northern Ireland’s leading energy company, recently announced a cut in small business tariff rates of 9.2%, saving a typical small business around £200 a year* (based on using 15,000 units p.a.). And not only are prices coming down, but discounts are going up!

Alan Egner, Power NI’s Commercial Sales and Marketing Manager comments: “We promised that we would always look for ways to reduce prices and save our customers money. I’m happy to say that we can now deliver lower prices and increased online billing discount for small businesses and farms using our online billing service, Energy Online.”

From 1 April, small businesses will be able to save an additional two per cent on top of their four per cent Direct Debit discount by switching to Energy Online. By going paperless, instead of waiting for your bill to arrive by post, you get an email sent directly to your inbox. In just a few clicks you can access your online account where up to two years’ bills and payments are organised and stored safely, ready for you to view or print at any time.

Alan continues: “Energy Online can help reduce your energy costs as well as your carbon footprint, no matter the size and type of your business. It is paper and postage free which means less carbon is used during the production and delivery stages, allowing our customers to do their bit for the environment. As a thank you for going paperless, we are happy to reward our Energy Online customers with extra discount off their bills.

“There’s a lot more to Energy Online than a simple online account service. It has lots of free extra features that make monitoring and managing your energy costs much easier, including the option to compare bills as well as bar charts showing consumption, cost and CO2 emissions for every bill. You can also check your balance and submit meter readings online without ever having to call us – which can be really handy if you are responsible for multiple sites.

After nearly 15 years of competition, Power NI continues to be Northern Ireland’s number one electricity supplier. Over 35,000 commercial customers continue to choose Power NI and last year over 900 businesses returned from other suppliers. Power NI customers are assured of local, friendly service and according to Consumer Council Northern Ireland, Power NI continually receives the lowest number of formal complaints per 100,000 customers than any other electricity supplier in Northern Ireland – now for three years running!

Alan concluded: “You can be confident that you’ll always pay a fair price with Power NI. We believe in offering discounts to every single one of our customers, year in, year out. Over 45,000 homes, farms and businesses have activated their Energy Online account making it easier for customers to keep a closer eye on their usage and help cut down on energy bills.

For more information on how your small business could benefit from Energy Online, visit and start saving today.

POWER NI Branding* Energy Online is available to Power NI Direct Debit customers only. 6% discount includes 4% Direct Debit discount and new 2% Energy Online discount. Applies to small business and farm tariffs only. Other discounts apply for larger users. New discount effective from 1 April 2015.

** Actual saving dependant on customers’ tariff and consumption. New prices effective from 1 April 2015.

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