The Future of Network Security: P2V Systems Belfast

Stephen McCann, MD at P2V Systems
Stephen McCann, MD at P2V Systems

P2V Systems Belfast are delighted to become a Palo Alto Networks Silver Partner. We take a look at considerations for network security and why we chose to partner with Palo Alto Networks.

Next Generation Protection for Your Business

Network security continues to be a crucial consideration for businesses at all levels. Attention which is well-founded as society is realising the magnitude of modern cyberthreats and the fact that they impact everything and everyone.

A company’s first line of defence should be their network security as this is responsible for controlling which traffic is able to enter, transit and exit their computer systems. IT and business managers recognise the diminished effectiveness of legacy network security solutions that continue to rely on methods and technologies designed for the threats of yesterday.

To stop cyberattacks, companies need a network security approach that is designed from the outset to enable the safe use of the applications and technologies required to support a thriving business. The solution must also be sufficiently capable and flexible to provide protection against a wide range of constantly evolving cyberthreats, regardless of users’ locations, and without any performance degradation, all while reducing total cost of ownership through simplification.

These requirements led to P2V Systems partnering with Palo Alto Networks to deliver a next generation network security platform to enable businesses to protect themselves and their customers against cyberattacks.

Network Security Solutions

Most firewalls and network security solutions were designed when network traffic only consisted of email, web and a few business applications – and threats were easily identified as “everything else”. These security solutions continue to rely on outdated techniques and technologies, failing to keep pace with changes to applications, threats, users and the network infrastructure itself. As a result, they are incapable of reliably identifying whether a web-based file transfer is being used for “good” or “bad” purposes.

To address today’s requirements, Palo Alto Networks has re-invented network security from the ground up. Its next generation security platform is truly innovative and provides security to safely enable the modern applications required to operate a business successfully. The platform protects against all types of cyberthreats, both known and unknown, all without impacting performance. In addition to being highly scalable and cost effective, customers are protected within hours from new cyberthreats found anywhere in the world by other Palo Alto Networks customers, using the WildFire Cloud service.

Safely Enabling Applications & Technologies

Legacy products generally only allow or block entire network channels, as opposed to individual applications. Palo Alto Networks classify all applications giving much greater control that can be managed at any level, including individual or departmental. This results in the ability to say “yes” to whatever applications are required without the risk or detrimental impact of having to accept or block entire network channels.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

As well as giving back control over network security and related costs, the Palo Alto Networks solution is highly efficient to operate. Administrators benefit from a centralised management system gaining access to all the information they need to understand and respond to network requirements.

Information sourced from “Cybersecurity Imperatives: Reinvent Your Network Security With Palo Alto Networks®”. To download this whitepaper, please click here.

To read more about the network security solutions we can provide through Palo Alto Networks, click here or contact us.

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