Busting the 5 most common AdWords myths

Flint StudiosAndrew McParland, Ecommerce specialist from Flint Studios, exposes the misconceptions surrounding Google AdWords

For some, advertising online using methods such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads can seem rather daunting. The thought of bidding for keywords can be a scary process for many, particularly when the internet is rife with incorrect information.

Misconceptions surrounding Google AdWords are widespread and in this blog we are going to address some of the most common myths that can put people off such methods.

“People do not click on Google Ads”

Advertisers only get charged by Google if someone clicks on their ad. So, if these ads weren’t being clicked on, AdWords would not be a viable revenue stream for Google and would most likely cease to exist.

In this case, the reality is that people do click on Google ads. Research has revealed that Google actually makes over $1m in revenue a day from AdWords alone – that’s a lot of clicks!

“Competitors can click our ads and drive the cost up”

Google has an extremely sophisticated click fraud programme in place that detects and filters out invalid clicks in real time so that businesses only pay for authentic PPC traffic.

It does this by tracking the IP address from where clicks originate and by analysing various click pattern factors. AdWords campaign performance reports can also identify or highlight any potentially suspicious activity.

Ultimately, Google will reimburse companies for any legitimately dubious clicks.

“AdWords is only suitable for big businesses”

The idea that only large corporations with a hefty advertising budget can afford online advertising is inaccurate.

Whilst not a free service, AdWords enables clients to set a daily ad spend and a maximum bid value meaning all businesses will only spend what they can afford.

“It’s only worth it if you achieve the top spot”

Aiming for the number one spot isn’t necessarily better for your advertising campaign. What’s important to remember is that just because you are not number one, this does not mean that people are not going to consider your product or service.

When your ad is placed further down the list instead of the top spot, you will still get plenty of clicks. In short, don’t bid to position, bid to profitability.

“It’s easy, I can do it all myself”

 Initially, your ad campaign may appear simple to manage. With basic keywords and a limited number of ads it does not appear necessary to seek additional support.

However, as this activity delivers for your business and the AdWords campaign grows, it can require more and more of your time. At this stage, extensive knowledge can assist in ensuring the strategy is correct and that the platform will continue to deliver for your business.

Partnering with a professional who can optimise your campaign on a regular basis will allow you to focus on running the business.

That’s where we come in. Our team of digital specialists can ensure that your AdWords campaign perfectly complements your content and search engine optimisation efforts resulting in increased traffic and increased sales.

To find out more and how Flint Studios can assist with development and management of your AdWords strategy, contact the team today

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