A simple tip from Genesis Belfast to make your advertising up to 11x more effective

Genesis BelfastAs advertising and marketing budgets continue to come under pressure, Darren Lyttle, Head of Creative at leading Belfast marketing agency Genesis Belfast explains how your advertising can be up to 11 times more effective.

They say all advertising works. But what if there were a simple way to make your advertising more effective? Up to 11 times more effective. There is. Industry and academic research studies repeatedly prove that creative advertising is more effective advertising.

It increases sales, grows market share, changes behaviours and even earns you extra points on the stock market. The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and Thinkbox merged a database of the world’s most awarded advertising campaigns with the IPA Effectiveness Databank, and compared the hard business performance of the awarded campaigns against non-awarded campaigns.

The report, studying 213 campaigns over 8 years, found that creatively awarded advertising attracted up to 11 times more market share growth. In short, creative campaigns have a multiplier effect that gives you more bang for your buck.

In NI, where budgets are a fraction of those in Dublin or London, it pays to invest in creative advertising. Genesis picked up the Grand Prix at the Publicity Awards of Northern Ireland (PANI) 2017 for the farm safety campaign we created for the Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland. This uniquely creative campaign has helped reverse the growing trend in farming deaths in NI.

A campaign we created to promote Genesis Crafty Pancakes picked up two awards at PANI and another from the Vox Awards UK. After campaign launch, pancake sales experienced a huge uplift.

Creative advertising is more effective advertising – that’s official. It’s more impactful, more persuasive, and generates better results in terms of sales, market share and profitability. That’s how you can make your advertising budget go further – simply harness the power of creativity.

Genesis is celebrating 25 years in business. At the most recent Publicity Association for Northern Ireland (PANI) Awards, the agency picked up the Grand Prix and 21 further awards across TV, radio, press, out-of-home and digital – more than twice as many as any other agency. The PANI Awards celebrate creative excellence in marketing communications in Northern Ireland and are hotly contested by NI’s advertising and marketing agencies.

For more on our approach, and to find out what we can do for you, search Genesis Belfast.

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