5 Ways to implement learning at work

Stress Awareness MonthTo show up every day being the best version of yourself is a journey of ongoing improvement, marginal gains which you achieve every day, says Royston Guest.

Asking the questions; what have I learnt new today? Or more specifically, what have I learnt new today which is going to help me to be even better tomorrow than I was today?

High achievers create their own learning plan to keep themselves sharp and relevant every day. They are constantly honing their winning mindset, developing their skill set to excel and building their toolset to systemize what they do and how they do it.

Here are 5 ways you can implement learning at work

#1 What your co-workers do

At work, we tend to operate in silos. A silo could be you on your own or you and your immediate team or you and your department. Look up and beyond those silos and learn what others are doing, their role, their value, the difference they make. This could be as simple as a conversation by the vending machine or an organised Lunch & Learn with different departments sharing insights of what they do, how they do it & why they do it.

#2 What your leaders do

You may think you know what your leaders do all day, but do you actually know? Ask to shadow a leader for the day so you get first-hand experience of their typical day and can share this insight with others. You may be surprised as to the breadth and depth of their day.

#3 What your customers’ experience when doing business with you

Step into your customer’s shoes and be on the receiving end of the customer experience you and your company give to its customers. Depending on what type of business you’re in, a great exercise is to complete a mystery shopping exercise and playback the findings to your managers. I have no doubt you’ll share some great learning.

#4 Areas for improvement

Everything we do can be improved. Everyday are you just going through the motions without actually thinking about how you do your job? Challenge yourself to identify any areas of improvement. If the opportunity arises, introduce a work-based assignment based on making improvements to the business.

#5 Observe the capable and the incompetent

Sounds obvious but observe the high-achievers. Identify their key traits, ask them how they are successful, what do they do daily to keep themselves on top. Learn from them and mirror what they do.

But also observe those who aren’t as successful – why is that, what are they doing differently to the high-achievers. Learn from their mistakes and don’t make the same.

Royston Guest is a global authority on growing businesses and unlocking people potential. He is CEO of Pti-Worldwide, author of #1 best-selling business growth book, Built to Grow and founder of livingyourfuture™.  Follow him on Facebook or Instagram. Connect with him on LinkedIn or check out his weekly blog at https://www.roystonguest.com/blog

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