Top 5 Most In-Demand Jobs in London – 2019 Edition

The unemployment rate of London has fallen to a record low. There are more jobs in 2019 than there ever were. Currently, there are about 6 million jobs in this city – with an increase of 1.3% from the last year. London is a city of dream where people come from all around the world to make a living and there couldn’t be a better time than 2019 to do that.

There is an online platform called Just London Jobs with one of the largest database of employment record. You should visit this website to find the latest jobs in all professions. Every year we see a growth in demand for different occupations. Currently, these five are the hottest jobs in London.

IT Engineer

There is an increase of 33.7% in jobs of IT engineer in the entire United Kingdom. We can’t deny that IT is the fastest growing industry and isn’t slowing down any time soon. An IT expert is required in every industry to manage their systems. According to, the average salary of an IT engineer is £28,212.

Salon Assistant

A salon assistant is responsible for operating a salon and ensuring that it’s neat and organized. This job includes washing towels, stocking products, sterilizing equipment, and even sweep the floor. There has been an increase of 33.6% in the demand of Salon assistant. They earn an average salary of £16,029 per annum.

Product Designer

The job of a product designer requires technical knowledge and design skills. They have to improve the current products of a company and design new products to launch. A product could be anything like shoes, cup, pen, or car. There was reported an increase of 31.8% in demand for products designer in 2019. A product designer earns an average salary of £38,203.

CNC Machinist

A CNC Machinist creates machines parts, and other mass-produced items using computer numeric controlled heavy machinery. Every year people purchase more and more items of all types which increases their demand.  This also increased the demand for their production by 31.6%. A CNC machinist earns £27,881 on average.

Assistant Principal

The education sector is one of the most profitable industries. Every educational institute needs an assistant principal to act as headteacher, observe staff, meet parents, and enforce attendance rules. An assistant principal is a highly educated and experienced professional that earns an average of £51,541 per annum. There was an increase of 29.5% in its jobs in 2019.

Recruiting Assistant

Skilled professionals are always in demand, but it’s not easy to filter them from a large crowd. That’s why HR departments need a recruiting assistant to find potential employees for the firm. A recruiting assistant posts job advertisements, filter applicant resumes, and schedule an interview for them. A recruiting assistant ensures that only the most relevant candidates go to the interview phase to save the company’s time. The demand for a recruiting assistant saw an increase of 28.5%, offering an average salary of £22,352.

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