Tips on Finding Digital Marketing Jobs in Northern Ireland

With the boom in ICT and development of IT infrastructure in Northern Ireland, online business has seen a tremendous uplift. People are taking a plunge into the online world; some are successfully wading through, while others are failing. But irrespective of the success rate, it has definitely opened wide opportunities for digital marketing jobs. And fresh graduates and people looking to switch their field are going crazy for it. After all, who wouldn’t like to get paid for lurking on the internet and playing with social media tools?

But as fun as it sounds, getting a digital marketing job is not easy. That’s why you might consider visiting Jooble as it’s one site where you can search jobs across the whole Internet.The market is getting competitive, employers only want expert people in their squad, and market requirements are evolving. Even sometimes, experience doesn’t land you on the desired job. So, how on earth can you land a marketing job through despite being a fresher? Here are given some tips to help you get your first job gig in the happening field of digital marketing without any experience:

Get a Certificate:

The good news is that unlike other professions, you don’t need a digital marketing degree to qualify as a digital marketer. A degree in related fields of communication studies, advertising and business can also help you here. Basically what you need here are skills, expertise, and creative instinct. If you have them, you can ace out the scene.

But if you don’t have any expertise or related degree, it is better to get a certificate from a recognized institution. It helps freshers to establish credibility of their knowledge in the related field. 

Focus on Networking:

Networking is a great way to expand your business and land a job – including for first-time employees. Once you have chosen digital marketing as a career, start connecting with the people of the field. You can join an online community of digital marketers, as well as start attending local job fairs and professional training platforms.

Networking will help you to expand your personal relationship, meet with mentors, and know when a job opportunity will open? Moreover, most employers who are going to hire you are present on these platforms. You can remind them of your brief meet-up or chat on online platform or a workshop. It will prove your dedication and passion, and mark authenticity.

Start with a Trainee Position:

You don’t always have to start as a full-fledged employee. You can also start as a trainee. Many companies keep some space for trainees and have separate hiring criteria for them. Most of the time, they don’t demand any expertise from trainees. But it is also not a permanent job position, and offered salary is usually quite low. But if you show dedication during the training period, you can secure permanent job position in your dream field.

Don’t let your dream of earning money while doing what you love the most – hang out on social media as a digital marketer – die just because you don’t have experience. You can still pursue your dream, and now you know how? So, keep on dreaming because dreams are meant to come true!

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