The Perfect VenYou in Belfast

The future in bespoke business solutions, VenYou, was recently launched by the management team at Scottish Provident Building.

With a remarkable resurgence in the quest for traditional office space along with an increased demand for prime office space, it’s clear that there is a growing need for good office space in Belfast.  However, VenYou in association with the Scottish Provident Building knows that organisations want more than just a space they want the full package.

Donna Linehan, VenYou Client Services Director explains: “Our focus is on making the space work for the company.  VenYou is a service, one in which ‘You’ is the central point. Coupled with our attention to detail and capability, the bespoke business solution gives organisations the five-star service from; on hand housekeeping, increased tech capacity, to even a redesigned personalised space, quickly and efficiently. You just tell us what you want and we deliver.”

With four superior locations across Belfast, VenYou is available at their flagship building, Scottish Provident Building, as well as Northern Court, Ascot House and coming soon, Index House (previously Lesley Buildings).

With an ethos centralising around the clients’ needs, VenYou enables companies to make a statement without the need for their own building. From contemporary to traditional, VenYou tailors working spaces to help companies create an interior and a working space that helps them achieve their ambitions.

Donna continues, “We understand that fast and flexible is the future, that companies want to concentrate on doing business, and doing what they do best. We have the ability to service their business needs as well as help them grow whether within one building or move into a larger bespoke space in another – this service has been traditionally used at the Scottish Provident but now it extends throughout the rest of Belfast. We are really quite excited about what this can do for businesses coming to and working in this City.

Jonny Hill, Operations Director, VenYou commented “We’ve now three buildings with BT1 postcodes in our building portfolio, which is already making a difference to the companies. We are currently working with foreign direct investment companies and indigenous alike; they don’t have to think about the individual bills just the one fee. VenYou has a location to suit everyone, no matter what the size of the organisation. Basically, once you have identified the location that meets your needs you can leave everything else to the team at VenYou.”

For more information on VenYou please visit or call 028 9091 8500 to speak to a member of the team.

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