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The Perfect Mix – UU meets Damian Campbell, Fleet Financial, in it’s recent series of interviews

Developing Managers ProgrammeContinuing the leaders in business series we chat to Damian Campbell, Head of Corporate Sales for Fleet Financial who has just completed the Developing Managers Programme leading to an Advanced Diploma in Management Practice at Ulster University Business School.

What Is Your Current Role?

I am the Head of Corporate Sales for Fleet Financial based in Belfast. We are a contract hire and vehicle management company providing cars, light commercial vehicles and innovative vehicle management solutions to people in business. Our customers range from sole traders and SME’s to large corporates and we currently have in excess of 1300 customers and 4200 vehicles under management throughout the UK and Ireland.

I have been in my current role for nearly six months and lead the business development, account management, marketing and business support functions. I am very proud of my twenty years with Fleet Financial. During this time I have worked in our sales and account management functions and I have been passionate about helping businesses acquire and manage their company vehicles in a cost effective manner. It also helps that I was car mad from a very young age!

What Did You Study at Ulster University Business School?

I have recently completed the Developing Managers Programme which leads to an Advanced Diploma in Management Practice. This provided me with further opportunity to continue my learning and I’m currently taking a well-earned study break to consider and reflect on the next stage of my leadership journey which may be progression to either the BSc Hons in Management Practice or even the MSc in Executive Leadership within Ulster University Business School.

Why Did You Choose This Course?

I had been looking at a number of options to return to study as I had originally studied Computer Science at the University of Ulster Magee after my A levels however I left this after the first year to pursue a career in sales (Much to my parents despair at the time).

When I received a prospectus for the Developing Managers Programme, I looked at the topics, the programme structure including the study visit and I applied immediately. The perfect mix for me.

The mix of flexible and practical class room based learning and the ability to express your knowledge and understanding through assignment based submissions was very attractive to me. The topics reflected some of the current areas of focus within my business today and provided a sound basis for personal and managerial development.

*The Future of Work
*Change Management
*Improving Organisational Performance
*The Study Visit
*Leadership Practice

“I’m a great believer that if you find something that you’re interested in, it drives your energy and passion to succeed”.

What Part of The Course Did You Enjoy Most?

The twelve months with the Developing Managers Programme has had so many highlights for me. This included the group of people I studied with, the programme content, guest speakers and the three-day study visit where we met and interacted with some fantastic leaders and organisations.

Throughout the programme an important benefit was to spend time with a small group of individuals all from different sectors and at various stages in their careers and leadership development. The classroom based sessions were always very engaging and encouraged active participation from all us. This I believe really added to the learning experience.

I would also highlight the encouragement, understanding, practical advice and flexibility Janette Sheerman, Programme Manager and her colleagues at the Ulster University Business School show the participants. They fully recognise the challenges of part-time study and how this impacts your work/life balance. They were always very approachable and accessible throughout.

How Will This Qualification Help in Your Future Career?

I have already found a huge impact on my knowledge, understanding and application within my current role. I believe the insights I have gained throughout the programme have supported my leadership development. It has challenged me to think differently, be more reflective and helped me develop those around me.

During the twelve months with the Developing Managers Programme I progressed to Head of Corporate Sales within Fleet Financial and I have also launched a new networking event, Knowledge Network with Ross Moffett a work colleague. Knowledge Network was created to bring together curious and like-minded organisations to explore the forces and elements that drive business today and is already proving to be a great success.

The new cohort of the Developing Managers Programme starts on the 23 March and I would highly recommend this programme to anyone wanting to develop their self-confidence through becoming a more skilled, credible and effective manager/leader.

If you would like further information on the Developing Managers Programme or the BSc Hons Management Practice please contact Janette Sheerman on 07793539280 or email [email protected]