Pamela McCreedy is appointed Local Government Auditor at Northern Ireland Audit Office

Pamela McCreedy,Pamela McCreedy, who joined the Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO) in September 2017 as Chief Operating Officer, has just been appointed as Local Government Auditor (LGA), with the responsibility for leading all local government audits across Northern Ireland.

Local Government is in its third year of the new Council structures, with the formation of 11 new Councils.  It has experienced significant change as well as taking on new responsibilities, including community planning.  This is an exciting and challenging time for Local Government.

The position as Local Government Auditor will greatly benefit from Pamela’s wealth of experience in the financial field and her astute business acumen.  Pamela has worked in senior roles in the Health and Social Care Board, where as Director of Transforming your Care, she led the reform of health and social care services in Northern Ireland; at the Northern HSC Trust, where she was Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Operations; and lead Public Sector Advisory in KPMG.

“As Local Government Auditor, this position includes having responsibility for auditing local councils, joint committees and other local government bodies.  It also encompasses reporting, for example, Annual Improvement Reports, which will cover findings in relation to improvement audits and assessments.

“I will lead the NIAO’s team of skilled and experienced auditors, each of whom is passionate in what he or she does, both in the audits of financial statements and in the audited bodies’ arrangements for ensuring economy, efficiency and effectiveness in their use of resources.   This role matters to everyone involved as collectively we strive to ensure the best possible use of rate-payers’ money.”

Pamela joined the NIAO in the new role of Chief Operating Officer in September 2017, to lead and manage the NIAO’s operational business and support the C&AG in the strategic leadership of the NIAO, including stakeholder engagement.  She also leads on cultural change within the NIAO to develop greater flexibility in management structures and service delivery.

Kieran Donnelly, Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG), adds:  “Pamela’s experience in delivering change and transformation will be invaluable in the management of our change process.  She will also bring a fresh perspective in her role as Local Government Auditor and I look forward to working closely with her to realise the full potential of the NIAO.”

In April 2017, Pamela was elected Chair of the Chartered Accountants’ Ulster Society, at its 110th Annual General Meeting in Belfast.  The Ulster Society represents more than 4,500 Chartered Accountants and is a district society of Chartered Accountants Ireland, the largest and oldest professional accountancy body in Ireland.

Pamela explains:  “Throughout my career I have remained passionate about accountancy and I have been involved with Chartered Accountants Ireland since 1998.  As the current Chair of the Ulster Society, I remain very hands-on in driving the profession forward.  It’s currently the case that one third of our local Chartered Accountants work in the public sector.”

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