The Northern Ireland Talent Development & Retention Forum

| February 7, 2018

The Northern Ireland Talent Development & Retention ForumThe Northern Ireland Talent Development & Retention Forum (#NITDF) was established in mid-2017 and aims to bring together NI’s best business minds to learn from each other how to improve business performance in NI by improving business culture.

The forum was created by Craig Thompson, Founding Director of Vibrant Talent Development, after returning from Barcelona. Craig found there was a real appetite in Barcelona for meetups and learning opportunities where companies and successful people would happily give their time to share their stories and tips for success. Upon returning to Northern Ireland Craig began to look for similar opportunities related to his field but found they were scarce. Frustrated searching for a regular meetup Craig decided if what he was looking for didn’t already exist he would create it; and so the NITDF was born.

“We’ve had two events so far, with tickets selling out both times. We have two guest speakers at each event and focus on themes related to best practice throughout the employee lifecycle so we can help companies learn how to attract, develop and retain top talent.

“We keep the price low at just £10 per person to cover room hire, tea/ coffee and breakfast baps. It was important to me to maximise the opportunity for people to attend these events because there are plenty of bigger events which cost hundreds of pounds per ticket, but not everyone can afford these prices.

“The events are held in the Baby Grand of the Grand Opera House which has proven to be a fantastic setting. We cap the numbers for the face to face events so they’re big enough to be useful but small enough for us to build a community and get to know each other.”

NITDF3 is coming up on Monday 26th February themed ‘Bringing Calm to the Chaos’ with guest speakers Michael Dunlop (award winning NLP Trainer, Coach, Master Practitioner and International Ambassador for the Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Sean Connolly (author, speaker and performance coach specialising in self-confidence and mental resilience).

Michael and Sean will be sharing their own personal journeys and some practical strategies they use with themselves and their clients for taking control of difficult situations, clarifying the root cause of problems and defining better outcomes thus creating more settled workplaces people want to be a part of.

For more details and to purchase one of the few remaining tickets please see the link:

You can also be part of the online community by searching for and joining the LinkedIn group.

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