New Skills Academy Teams up with Teens Unite

Some collaborations are a perfect match and the partnership of New Skills Academy and Teens Unite looks set to be just that. These two organisations have teamed up to join forces in their pursuit of helping young people overcome difficulties and provide a supportive outlet for young cancer sufferers. So, who are these two organisations all about and what differences will they make for those in need?

Who Are New Skills Academy?

New Skills Academy is one of the leading organisations when it comes to connecting people with valuable courses. To date, over 300,000 people have enrolled on a course thanks to their service, enhancing employability and improving the futures for those that get involved.

Some of the courses at New Skills Academy are completely flexible and utilise distance learning, meaning anyone can gain a qualification from anywhere. Their courses are diverse, ranging from food safety and dog grooming to qualifications in law. They are inclusive to anyone who wants to learn and develop their skill set – and they are just a few clicks away!

The courses are not just for jobseekers and individuals either. They also have an array of options for businesses looking to up skill their staff in new areas.

All About Teens Unite

Teens Unite is a charity organisation dedicated to fighting cancer in a completely different way. While doctors and our amazing medical researchers look for ways to cure cancer, Teens Unite helps young people with cancer focus on what they can achieve.

Their amazing work centres around connecting those youngsters going through the same experience, showing them what they can do while undergoing cancer treatment, rather than what cancer prevents them from doing. Ultimately, Teens Unite is an important organisation that has a significant impact on the quality of life for those within their community.

So, What Do They Have Planned?

When two organisations have so much to offer the wider community, their partnership is an exciting time and plenty of people will benefit. New Skills Academy is kindly offering Teens Unite access to their courses, allowing young people with cancer to find an outlet from their condition and a way to look ahead to the future by developing their personal skills and gaining qualifications.

That’s not all – the content of the courses will be directed to the workshops ran by Teens Unite, to help even more people benefit from the courses. New Skills Academy will also sponsor Teen Unite’s annual golfing day.

What Impact Will This Have on Young Cancer Sufferers?

The young people involved with Teens Unite will be able to develop skills, gain qualifications and enjoy working towards a goal outside of their battle against cancer. It provides them with opportunities that they may not have easy access to in other places, all while receiving the very best support by those that care.

To learn more about the blossoming partnership between New Skills Academy and Teens Unite, check out their pages and latest news!

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