Improving the digital skills of Northern Ireland

BVf9MNvIgAAKCH2 DANI, will be assisting the delivery of the UK wide initiative GO ON UK, created by Baroness Martha Lane-Fox (founder of

Northern Ireland’s now Digital Champion, Naomh McElhatton (MD of DANI) will be assisting the UK Go ON UK team to deliver their three-point business plan for 2014 which is to be rolled out across NI:

1. Build a cross sector digital skills alliance and a national digital skills delivery plan.
2. Develop a web based Marketplace (
3. Champion innovation

The vision will be achieved when all individuals, SMEs and charities in the UK have the Basic Online Skills to fully participate in everyday economic and social life.

You would think that everyone is online these days, right? Wrong. In fact, 1 in 5 adults in the UK still don’t have Basic Online Skills  – yet 90% of all jobs will require ICT skills by 2015.

Just 33% of small to medium-sized companies have a digital presence and only 14% sell their products online. But the more digitally enabled a company is, the faster it tends to grow – and here in the UK we’re twice as likely as the OECD average to buy goods online.

Charities are among the organisations with the most to gain from upping their digital skills, yet one-fifth have little or no web presence and 50% need help with web design and social media.

The potential is huge and it’s growing by the day. Now’s the time to start working together to reap the full benefits of making the UK the world’s most digitally skilled nation.
The GO ON UK initiative will now going live in mid April, with interactive workshops in Derry, Belfast and Mid Ulster. The charity is supported by founder partners Age UK, BBC, Big Lottery Fund, EE, eON, Lloyds Banking Group, Post Office & Talk Talk.

We be working with both private and public bodies to deliver a number of workshops, seminars and events that will assist develop NI’s digital skillset.

We are looking for partners and intermediaries to help with the initiative, email [email protected] or tweet @naomhs to get involved.

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