Ideas Where to Work While Studying in the UK

If there is only so much beans on toast you can take or your student budget just isn’t stretching far enough, you can always improve your situation with a student job. A student job can be the answer for any struggling student or any student who wants to spend more time in the union bar – but it should always be managed well to keep up with studies and assessments. TIme can also be saved by using services such as CustomEssayMeister.

 In all seriousness, UK student poverty is rife and a real concern. Freshers to third-year students can read on to get some tips on where to work while studying to improve their finances.

 The Best Cities to Find a Student Job 

Finding a student job is not always easy and some students have an easier ride than others. Here are the best student cities to find a student job: 

1. Liverpool 

Liverpool is a big city with multiple universities and colleges. This means there is more competition, but it also means there are more areas where you could find work. There are plenty of bars looking for student workers in Matthew Street and Concert Square – or you may be able to find hospitality work at the many hotels dotted around the city and in Albert Dock. If you are a student in Liverpool, search jobs in Liverpool to find hundreds of local job opportunities. 

2. Edinburgh 

Edinburgh is a fairly pricey UK city so more students here may feel the pinch harder and need a student job. The good news is that there are plenty of options in Edinburgh. Whether you are handing CVs in the old town or the old town of this famous city, you are bound to strike it lucky eventually. 

3. London 

It was inevitable this capital would make the list. With an enormous population and so many opportunities, student jobs can be found everywhere. Search libraries, cafes, restaurants in all areas of London to come across employers looking for part-time student workers.

 Popular Student Job ideas

 Most students work in the same sorts of jobs and many of them fall within the hospitality industry. Bar workers and table servers are popular because they require little training and have high turnover rates as full-time workers move on and previous students graduate and end their time behind the bar. These jobs may also be beneficial in the future as stop gaps between graduation and employment and when travelling or backpacking.

 Another place to look for jobs is at the university itself. Many universities have a student job portal exclusively for their students to hunt down local jobs within the university. This may include admin work, work at the university libraries or hospitality work at the university canteen.

An additional option is to speak with lecturers and professors. They may know of openings in the industry you are studying and can pass on the contact details of employers. Alternatively, they may be able to offer part-time research assistant positions – which could lead to a Ph.D. position if you stick at it!

 Whatever your location and financial situation, a student job can be a fantastic idea that builds character and workplace skills. Best of luck in your upcoming job search!

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