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How to Play Roulette

Well, you are not the only one, as the spinning roulette wheel, the iconic casino pastime that is, is very popular with both new casino users and regulars. Depicted in some classic films over the years – even James Bond likes a spin on a roulette wheel – the image of the wheel is iconic, truly a staple of any good casino. Learn more about roulette strategies by clicking the previous link.

As for online casino, online roulette is bringing the excitement of the game to a whole new audience, making the game accessible to a younger audience that are falling in love with online gambling. As such, it seems a good time to explain how to play the game in question, so here it goes.

We have here, a brief guide to different bets in roulette, the two types of wheel (European and American) and their differences, as well as the the four basic steps to the gameplay.

Roulette in four basic steps

    Make your bet

This is where it all starts, as players must choose just how much they would like to wager on the following spin. Remember to bet only an amount that you are oomfotsbly with losing, and always gamble responsibly.

    Choose your bet

Next you have to consider which outcome you would like that chosen amount of money to go on. As we will explain later, there are several different ways to bet, ranging from the ambitious to the classic red or black.

    The dealer spins the wheel

And ‘no more bets’ he or she will say, ending the opportunity to enter a bet on this spin. The ball will roll around the outside of the wheel, before edging into it’s final slot.

    Where has it landed?

Next, the ball will land in one of the many numbered slots and depending on your bet, you could be a winner. Your winnings are respective to the odds of your bet, so let’s hope you’ve netted a decent win.

Different bets

Red or black isn’t the only bet you can make here, far from it. You can also bet on either odds or even, a specific number or even by placing your chips across several numbers, you can spread over more of the wheel.

All bets have differing odds and the most common, or traditional bets, are the evens bets as aforementioned.

American or European?

American and European roulette wheels are laid out slightly differently. America’s wheel has 38 numbered pockets where the ball can potentially land, going from 1-36 and including both a 0 and 00 – that’s the difference.

The European offering does away with the 00 or double 00, changing the odds as a result of the 37 numbered pockets on the wheel. The layout of the numbers is different as well, but the pattern still alternates between red and black, making for a very similar game.

And now you know how to play roulette, all that is left for us to do is wish you all the best out there on the wheels!